Am I correct when I say...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lacky, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. That Ric Flair's no compete clause ran out today meaning he's available to sign with the E'? :burns:
  2. This is very good news. :flair:

    EDIT : FFS, who removed flair?

  3. Yes Yes Yes.

    Let him come back and manage Ziggler, (perfect match) or Ziggler vs Flair where Zig's goes over for a lifetime.

  4. I'd love to see Flair back. Him jobbing to Ziggler... I don't really want to see his 100 year old tits but if it helped Dolph it'd be OK.
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  5. Dude imagine, Flair one-on-one with Ziggler. Ziggler is doing a kind of strut in his matches, a sort of WOO. If would be perfect and I'm sure Flair can still preform. Flair, one of the greats in wrestling vs Ziggler. After he jobs to Zig's, he maybe goes for a managing role for Ziggler. Imagine, imagine, imagine.

    :gusta: + :gusta: = :gusta: :gusta:
  6. Hahahahah! :dawg: , Flair would be a fantastic person for the role of GM. He can be heel he can be face.
  7. I guess it'd benefit him.

    Stealing that idea for my TEW save. :hmm:
  8. Yes you can take that idea..

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    for 100 bucks :otunga:

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  9. Where did you get TEW I can't find it online :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Thanks, I'll finally check it out.
  11. No problem, let me know what you think. Although you'll probably find it a bit complicated. If you do tell me.
  12. It's okay, If it has help guides I'll be a boss.

    But more importantly..

  13. Flair is the next WWE star to declare bankruptcy.
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