Am I right in saying...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. That Daniel Bryan hasn't won a singles contest at a PPV since Survivor Series '10?
  2. If thats true, fuck WWE.
  3. He won the money in the bank cash in after that to become World Heavyweight champion, and defended it on another PPV
  4. True but that one hardly counts, then the next two defences were a triple threat cage where he got a ridiculous fluke victory and the elimination chamber where he pinned Santino.
  5. Fluke or not, still a win.
  6. [
  7. :FINGER:


    He won in a dark match at Hell in a Cell '11 against JTG, and another dark match against Heath Slater at Night of Champions '11 and defeated McIntyre in a dark match at Over the Limit '11, and defeated Dibiase Jr. in a dark match at Elimination Chamber '11, so if you don't count dark matches, nor the money in the bank, and only single matches, then yes it's been since Survivor Series '10 since he has won a single match.
  8. :win:
  9. how many non singles matches has he won :O
  10. One at Elimination Chamber '12, another at Royal Rumble '12, and at Money in the Bank '11.
  11. I think winning an Elimination Chamber match is supposed to speak more than winning a singles match, but I understand your point. Too bad he's not breaking that streak tomorrow.
  12. Bryan will win at summerslam
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