Am I the only one enjoying AJ/Cena here?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Hannah Bee, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. I may not have good reasons (OK so maybe I don't have a single reason), but I enjoy The AJ Affair Storyline A LOT. Are they anyone who thinks the same way I do? Can you tell me the reasons why/why not?
  2. I believe so.
  3. I enjoyed it for about thirty seconds at the start, but then they just kept dragging it out and I stopped caring.
  4. Chicks seem to enjoy these types of storylines, so that's probably why. inb4sexizm
  5. Maybe so, but I didn't enjoy the Dixie one. Weird huh?
  6. I don't think ANYONE did :eww:
  7. I know someone who did and I was like "Noooooooo what happened to you I thought you were better than this".

    Butnow that they took this road, I hope they won't cut this short. If it happens it made the storyline kinda pointless, and that's what I felt with the Dixie one.
  8. I don't like it. Its boring to be honest. The AJ, Punk, D-Bry, Kane thing was more entertaining.
  9. I agree, but I think when this is played right by Creative, it can supersede Punk/AJ/DBry one.
  10. So far though, the wwe creative section isn't doing a good job. :pity:
  11. Agreed. The videos are even a fail. AJ entered the door with "03" on it, and Cena "stayed" in a room with "05" on it. :emoji_wink:)

    Plottwist: They were two different nights, and AJ went into Punk's room.
  12. That would be funny but Punk has the whole feed me whores thing going on. :pity::dawg:
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  13. Who cares about HorseBack anyway? :emoji_wink:)
  14. Not really keen on the storyline. Curious to see how it'll end up though. It'll probably just be ignored and forgotten anyway, so OK.
  15. Agreed, just like what they did with Punk/AJ/DBry. IRL you chase your ex-fiance, right? :emoji_wink:)

    OK maybe I'm just addicted to continuity.
  16. All the storylines AJ's been involved in for the past couple of months have seemed cheap in value, like some sort of daytime television soap opera. Better yet it's like WWE wanted to get that preteen female demographic so they ripped off the twilight concept of chosing guys with the whole Bryan/Punk thing. Now this affair crap. Unless there's a sex tape I'm not interested :hogan:
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  17. Is this WWE or umm, I dunno "Dawson's Crap," ?

    Dat Kid nailed it. WWE has done this before, but apparently somebody else owned the company back then (sarcasm)

    If you recall, there was a love triangle of sorts between Elizabeth/Savage/Hogan. It was done so well it spearheaded the gap between WM 4 and 5

    Regardless of specifics, Liz played the accused perfectly and with grace. AJ isn't graceful, she's Avril 'f***ing Lavigne
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    He's right :upset:
  19. Simply put, yes. You are the only person that is enjoying this nonsense.
  20. :upset::sad::upset::sad:
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