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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mizfit, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Tensai started to really cry when he left the ring tonight? I do think its getting to him,with all the embarrassment and he was really trying to hold how he really feels back. I think he sucked it and did what he had to do, but no one can't tell me he didn't crack walking back to the locker rooms . After all he did have the Robe over his head. It kind of made me think back to the video with Barrett thanking his hometown fans after (I think it was smack down?) went off air and when he cut the promo about that was the first time he had been cheered, I felt kind of bad for Barrett because you can tell in the video by the way his voice sounded when he said that, the boos get to him sometimes. Thoughts?
  2. Comepletely agree with the Tensai part. Especially now on Raw, he gets paid to be humiliated. He's no better than a hooker. He's not even badass anymore. Poor guy. My respect for him grew after this raw.
  3. I think you guys are reading too much into it. His Tensai character didn't get any heat or reaction from fans. They had to move in a different direction. With Santino out, they still need a comedy element on the show. I'm sure he'd rather be cheered in a dance off than be squashed in a match against Jinder Mahal.
  4. I hope he wasn't genuinely upset, really good sport to come out dressed the way he was! Especially with the thong. Had me chuckling and definitely in an endearing way!
  5. Come on, we can't get pissed at heels for getting boos. If I was paid as much as Tensai was I wouldn't be mad about doing some comedy stuff, I understand that he may be upset that his US career never became what he wanted to but still, that's a different story. And if I was Barrett I'd be sad if I didn't get booed at all lol.
  6. Lol , for one moment , just for one moment , when tensai was dancing , I thought ...TENSAI IS TURNING FACE ! but he didnt :upset:
  7. He gets a large pay-cheque to stand half-naked in a ring dancing once a week, what is there to cry about? I highly doubt he thinks he should be used better, the guy is old and isn't over at all. He was constantly mocked by the crowd, the push was embarrassing. There are much better and more deserving stars in the back and he knows that.
  8. I gotta admit, I've seen his work in Japan. The guy is capable of SO MUCH more, but I really don't understand the WWE. He gets paid to get humiliated on weekly basis. To me it's disappointing. I saw his fight probably the best competition in New Japan, and he comes back here, and gets humiliated by Santino Marella, and now has to do a Lingerie Pillow Fight?!

    I guess he takes it better than we all...
  9. If he did cry, he is bi-polar, because while he was dancing he couldn't keep a smirk off of his face.
  10. Feel sad for him as well...

    But I don't feel sad for his paycheck..
  11. No, but Farooq was going to cry. Did you see the confusion in his eyes? I mean come on, the first African-American world champion deserves quality entertainment, not a fat American who is obsessed with Japan dancing in the ring with another fat guy. Thank God that he was able to release it in a form of "DAMN" instead of manly tears.
  12. Watched the segment and I have no clue what you guys are getting at. If anything he was enjoying himself. He makes good money and if being humiliated bothered him so much, he could easily ask to be released. People won't even remember him or the humiliating segment(s) in a week (if not less)...
    It's not like he was asked to strip naked and kiss Vince's bare ass. Lol
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  13. It'd not the first time Albert has done comedy, so I'm pretty sure he didn't mind it at all. The whole thing was pretty damn, funny and if it weren't for that I would have hated the segment. Which is kind of crazy because if you told me Tensai was going to entertain me a few months ago, I would have slapped you in the face.
  14. Where can I see those matches?


    I guess maybe if he wasn't totally embarrassed like I thought, maybe it was his face turn?
  15. I think there's a lot of superstars in the WWE that feel disrespected since their talent isn't getting a push and they're not getting enough action in the ring. I wouldn't blame Tensei if he was upset and close to tears after that...that must have been really humiliated to get laughed at with woman's lingerie on in front of a national audience. I didn't seem like he was crying to me but it's possible.
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