Am I the only one who absolutely hates

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Daniel Bryan as a heel? First off, his Yes chants are annoying and stupid. his beard looks dumb as hell. and in my opinion he sucks unless hes a fan favorite. he should go back to before he won the WHC. :upset: Don't get me wrong, hes an awesome wrestler, pretty good on the mic, but it just annoys me

    this is a risky thread considering everyones head is so far up d-brys asshole
  2. I think he is a good heel. His mic skills seem better, and heels are suppose to look like something you don't want, and as for the "Yes" chants, he'll still do it as a face I bet.
  3. Yeah. I agree with this. I think he seems to have adapted to the heel gimmick well. And yeah, I think the Yes! chants will continue. Honestly, I think I would like him to even embrace being a heel more.. When you are the size of Daniel Bryan it is in your advantage to be a heel so you can be sneaky as all hell :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. i dislike him in general
  5. I only like DBryan as a heel because when he talks as a heel, He's sooo much more entertaining as then being a face, he gives the generic face promo and adds the hes the american dragon or whatever it is.
  6. i think his best work has been as a heel instead of just a weasel face
    his promos are heaps better and his yes chant is effective
  7. you suck
  8. JK :jericho: :yes:
  9. His beard looks dumb? :angry:

    But anyway, I'm a big DB fan and I've been one for quite some time. His face character in WWE was dull as hell, there was no character at all and he was pretty much a jobber on SD. If he was booked as a badass face making people tap out or something instead of a jobber it'd be cool, but that's not the case. His work as a heel is much superior, his skill on the stick has improved a lot and I just love his heel run. I presonally don't mind the "Yes!" chants, so that's probably a reason for me not to hate him.

  10. very dumb. he looks like he's ages 10 years since his debut
  11. Agreed.
  12. I wish I could grow a beard like that. :downer:
  13. I would be proud of a beard like that...
  14. fucking goat faces
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  15. I'll probably be able to grow an awesome beard like that when I'm older, but for now my beard is enough to be called a Goat Face, yeah, I've been called that more than once before. :haha:
  16. Daniel Bryan has a nice potential ias far as wrestling goes .......moreover from his time in NXT I have watched him wrestle in a way which I enjoyed the most .............after all he's being trained by S Michaels ..............and I really like the YES chants overall I truly love him
  17. stop bumping old threads >.< i get so confused when you do this
  18. He has always been great, but I enjoy him more as a heel.
  19. :haha: in my book you are alone, yep. Shave his beard, he becomes face.
  20. DB imo is the best heel in wrestling at the moment. You remember how boring he was as a face? He can do so much more when given this freedom, and what's happened since? He's become the most over guy with the most over phrase in professional wrestling. Yes chants were breaking into main stream sports which Vince must have cracked one off to multiple times.
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