Am I the only one who can't stand Davey Richards?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. He's a talented wrestler, but I hate the boring dork. I find him about as interesting as a calculus text book.

    Kevin Nash was known for throwing around the term vanilla midget at the wrong guys (Malenko/Guerrero/Jericho/ect) but this guy truly fits the bill. I love the ROH roster but it chaps my ass that this boring drone is the champion.

    my face when Davey Richards comes on my screen ---> :matt:
  2. I like Davey Richards.
  3. I can't wait until Steen takes his belt
  4. I like him but not as a world champion for some reason. He just doesn't fit the role, it's strange as I can't really think why.
  5. I haven't liked him since the Wolves split

    he just doesn't cut the mustard for me personally as a singles guy.
  6. An all around talented performer, can do wonders in the ring and I've seen a lots of great stuff and matches from him. That however, doesn't change the fact he's a frickin' boring babyface MMA wannabe fuck right now. He has that horrible goofy babyface character and it's so damn annoying. I can go on and on and on to ramble and rant about him, but I won't, as I'm gonna give a constructive critic to him and ROH officials and everybody knows, just they won't admit it. Turn him heel. That's all he needs. He was so damn impressive as a midget dickhead heel back in the day it's unbeliavable. He fits perfectly in that role and it's a shame ROH isn't recognizing that. I'm telling you, he could be one of the most hated wrestlers in WRESTLING if they turn him, and they don't even have to drop his MMA/Ji-Jitsu wannabe/Train Hard/Eat Your Vitamins character. Do it ROH! One more plus, they can make a brand new star of some talented pure babyface when he beats him for the title, after some time to past in order to build that babyface. It's that simple, I hope they end up doing it. Same goes for his partner Kyle O'Reilly too.
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