Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Care About The Tag Team Division?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. Not that I dislike tag team matches themselves per se, I'm talking just strictly about having duos that work together exclusively in tag team matches. I know tag team wrestling has always been a huge part of the industry, but I just never cared the most for an actual division that showcased only tag teams and had it's own championships and whatnot. Not that I find it boring or wish for it to be vanquished, but I wouldn't really mind if it did.

    Say they did away not with tag team wrestling but with the tag team championships and having exclusive tag teams, would you really mind or miss it all that much?
  2. I'd miss it. I prefer it how they have actual teams like now compared to when they just used to randomly throw ppl together to get them on a RAW. I know this still happens but not as bad as it was. Without the titles what would be the point? They'd feud but over nothing. Its a way of getting guys like Cesaro on the show with regular time and to slowly build him up. Cody is a fine example of how carrying the Tag belts has helped him get over more and shown he can carry a title. Without the title would we have cared as much for The Rhodes Brothers? Would it have helped Cody get quality match time and prove his worth to the WWE? Probably not. Its a vital part of giving people an opportunity to shine, without the titles it kinda becomes pointless like the 6 Diva Tag matches that they are so fond of atm.
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  3. I wouldn't miss it at all, I don't think. A good tag team division is too difficult to sustain for any long period, and all teams wind up separated at some point. Tag team matches are fine, but dedicated tag teams and tag titles are probably just superfluous. The tag titles are probably the most trivial championship there is, aside from the Diva's. I don't hate it, but yeah, I'm not all that fond of it either.
  4. They just need more tag teams that are actually teams like the Usos and not two guys thrown together. If you look at the late 80s/early 90s, which in my opinion was the best time for tag team wrestling, there were so many teams who were Ashley teams. The hart foundation, the rockers, the killer b's, the natural disasters, the headshrinkers, the Steiners, LOD, etc. I think in the current product the only natural tag teams left after the PTP split are the Usos and NAO. If they were to build the division on tag teams brought in together I think the division would be much more successful. To answer the OP, I would definitely miss it due the potential greatness of the division the way it once was.
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  5. The way the Division is at the moment I wouldn't be that upset but overall I'd be gutted. Like I said, I used to absolutely love the division when I was a kid because it was full of great teams: The Hardy Boyz, The Dudleys, Edge and Christian etc. They just need to stop breaking the teams up or get some more great teams going and stop the on off pushing.
  6. I have nothing wrong with with two people who are thrown together if they can make a good team, but the do need proper teams as well, its good to have that mix. It does make me laugh that some people think the division is good though as it is shit. We were really spoiled during the early noughties. You hardly see a lot of double team moves and it just is the heels dominating till the face gets the hot tag, thats okay once in a while but all the time is boring.
  7. I used to love the Tag Team Division.... now it's meh. BUT, I'm a huge fan of Rybaxel.
  8. I would miss it. I'm a fan of tag team wrestling, and it kinda pained me to see that WWE already broke a close team like Prime Time Players, but hopefully they'll fix the division right up again soon. It isn't that bad this year, but they need to have better teams really, not just two random guys thrown together.
  9. I would prob be pissed honstly. I love tag matches and when there were real teams.
  10. I'm fairly neutral on it, but I agree that people who think the tag division is in some sort of reinassance are overstating it.

    Like anything, if they have properly built feuds and give me a reason to care, I'm fine with it. I haven't seen much of that with this "rebuilt" tag division so it is what it is if it just went away I wouldn't lose sleep.
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  11. Even though many tag teams back then relied upon being strictly duos, they were still great wrestlers and could entertain crowds day in and day out (I'm looking at the Road Warriors). In current wrestling, most tag teams never have the other guy compete in singles action alot, the only ones I've been seeing lately are the Real Americans, and that's with the tease of a breakup. In my mind, the whole point of a tag team is to have them compete together through matches for the championship belts. I can see where you are coming from as to why tag teams shouldn't have their own division. Most of the tag teams today aren't really tag teams, just two guys paired together for some reason who eventually do well as a tag team. Personally, although the tag team division today doesn't feature any tag teams that can entertain me day in and day out, I'd be disappointed to see the removal of tag teams from WWE. It's a staple that's been important to the company for a long time now, and watching only singles competition gets a little repetitive. I like seeing matches that have more than just 2 guys in it for the simple fact that it showcases different wrestlers in action, while us fans watch to see how well both tag teams will do together either as partners or opponents. In short, getting rid of the tag team division would water down WWE too much considering how big of a role tag teams have played in WWE.
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