Payback Am I the only one who feels this way?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by WarMachine, May 5, 2015.

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  1. I mean, yeah, it was nice seeing Ambrose get a win over Rollins on Raw, adding him to the Triple Threat now Fatal Four Way title match. But the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the only reason he was even added to the match is because they want to turn him heel by somehow helping Rollins win the match, thus retaining the title. Well if I was WWEI would turn Reigns. Because turning Ambrose heel is more of an upgrade than a downgrade and I wouldn't imagine that that's what WWE wants. The fans will continue to cheer Ambrose despite turning and Reigns already does get booed but will do so even more. But yeah, I was at first thinking that adding Ambrose would make the match more interesting, but then I come to realize that there must be a specific reason he's in the match.

    Does anyone else see something coming? Or is it just me.
  2. Obviously both Reigns and Ambrose will turn heel and triple powerbomb Orton with the help of Rollins. #TheShieldIsBack
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  3. Ambrose was prolly added to the WWE-WHC match just to eat the pin instead of Reigns/Orton.
  4. **Everyone** willl turn 'heel' and power bomb everyone..Thus leaving the ring littered with bodies, and let Hornswoggle come in and take the belt.
  5. I'd bet money some form of their triple powerbomb is used on Orton.
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  6. Too good of a opportunity to pass. Instant highlight with guaranteed people marking out in the crowd
  7. Ambrose was added to eat the pin because in the eyes of Vince he is a midcard chump
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  8. I'd be 100% surprised if the Shield reunited to take out Orton.. I highly doubt Reigns & Ambrose are ready to let go of what Seth did to their Elite Unit.
  9. Ambrose is there to eat the pinfall. Don't see why Orton can't be the one to do it (especially since Orton has shown he has no issue doing jobs for people, clean or otherwise), but I guess they want to keep his momentum as a babyface going as much as possible before likely jobbing him to Bray Wyatt at Summerslam (at least I'm hoping, anyway.) Either way, I'm just happy to see Dean Ambrose in a WWE Championship match on a PPV.

    Plus, it was reported by the dirtsheets that since Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns is the planned main event for Summerslam (just as we all figured it would be), they don't want to have so many triple-threat matches within such a short time interval of each other. To date, we've already one at the Rumble, technically one at Wrestlemania although it lasted for about all of a minute, and now we supposedly have one coming up at Summerslam. Booking one for Payback as well (which would have featured two-thirds of the same match we're gonna see headline Summerslam) would have felt a bit like overkill.

    I personally hope they end up adding one or two more people to the match and making it a si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack challenge or something. I could see Kane deciding to add himself on the go-home Raw next or something. And if he really wants to be a troll, he could book Big Show in the match too, just to see if it causes some dissension between he and Seth since Big Show may decide to go into business for himself and win the championship again, should he be presented with the opportunity. Kane trying to turn members of The Authority against one another would further feed into his impending face turn. Besides, I don't see who else Big Show could fight (unless his only role at the PPV is to play the bodyguard and muscle and ensure Rollins walks out the champion no matter what), and I don't see him being left off the PPV completely.
  10. Oh-kay
  11. I hope this doesn't lead to some kind of Shield reformation (like a few dirt sheets are specculating), they were great the first time round but they failed to finish it properly IMO.
    I can't see Reigns and Ambrose turning heel to help Seth out either, I don't see any logic to that short of 'because...WWE' and that would be terrible.
  12. Why would anyone honestly think a Shield reunion is in order? They're still trying to push Roman Reigns as the next potential face of the company and with the rumored main event of Summerslam having him injected into the match between Rollins and Lesnar to make it a triple-threat, there'd be no logic in him turning heel to back Rollins as muscle, and Seth sure as hell isn't ditching The Authority (yet) either.
  13. Yeah, reforming the Shield would be Vince admitting that he cannot make Roman a big stand alone star. And Vince is too much of an alpha male to admit defeat.
  14. Roman will not reunite and turn heel. That's as probable as cena turning heel right now - not happening.

    They make execute a triple Bomb to take out Orton and fight but that doesn't mean dean and roman are heel.

    Roman will either win this match or dean will eat the pin from Rollins.

    I'm going with dean eating the pin fro Rollins.
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    Yeah, I get it. Turning Ambrose heel wouldn't make any sense. But then again, almost nothing in WWE has made sense (to me at least) as of late (Kane and Rollins laying down for each other, having Paige in a fucking Christmas movie, which I think having her do that is just so against her character, New Day derailing a great title reign, New Day being involved in the opening segment on Raw this past Monday, Triple H and Stephanie not being on TV very much when they should be)
  16. How does that not make sense? Rollins is a pissy brat who is throwing his weight as the champion around to force Kane to lay down for him, and then Kane's patience wore thin and he used his much bigger mass to force Rollins down to show Rollins that just because he has the belt he cannot force people around.

    Because her character is her in real life? If you follow Paige on social media you see she is just as much of a "girl" as the rest of the divas. And that's kind of the idea of acting, you portray a character. John Cena and the Miz never served in the marines, but have both portrayed them on film, just like Orton has never worked as an EMT but played one.
  17. In regards to Paige, have they actually announced what she's doing in the movie? Or are you willingly shitting on it 'just cause'? I wouldn't have put the 'Anti Diva' in Total Divas, but it worked well and she was a great addition to the show. Not to mention the fact that she's one of the top Divas, so why wouldn't WWE want to use her to shift a few DVDs?

    And as for The New Day, that segment was great as far as I'm concerned. There always seems to be such a huge gap between the uppercard guys and the rest of the guys. It was a nice change to the usual Kane and Big Show Vs Reigns and Orton. The New Day as heels is working well for me.
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  18. I digress, but the anti diva gimmick was gone before Paige left NXT (she had stopped calling herself that long before her call up). She's just "alternative diva"
  19. Didn't know Dean was added to it. Pretty cool, we'll get some Shield "nostalgia' spots and whatnot, it's nice considering this was the PPV they had their last match as a team in one year ago (is it? I think it is). And yes, he's there to be pinned.
  20. Yeah, bro. Their last match as The Shield was indeed at Payback.

    Speaking of Shield nostalgia, them doing a Triple powerbomb on Orton (but still not reuniting) would be a mark out moment for me.
    But somehow I get this funny feeling Reigns, Orton and Ambrose might end up doing a triple powerbomb on Rollins.
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