Am I The Only One Who Has Never Really Cared For Piper?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I don't hate him or anything, but in an attempt to try and get more back into wrestling, I decided to watch a bunch of promos on Youtube and chose Piper as someone that I'd revisit first. And I discovered (or rediscovered) that his ranting and raving in promos does nothing for me. Actually, it quite irritates me, even just the sound of his voice. He's had some good matches, but for whatever reason, I am not entertained much at all by Piper. Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. "Am I The Only One Who Has Never Really Cared For Piper?"

    Apparently so.
  3. I couldn't give a shit for him really...He's extremely over rated...The guy never even held a World Title.
  4. What a stupid reason to think someone is overrated lol.

    Not sure if you're the only one OP but you would most certainly be in the minority.
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    stay in your lane. No offense but you have no business calling Piper overrated. It would be like me calling Bruno Sammartino overrated.
  6. Either has William Regal, suppose he's shit as well?
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  8. and Mr. Perfect and Scott Hall and Rick Roode and Jake Roberts and The Million Dollar Man and Owen Hart


    all jabronis
  9. All jabronis.

    Not really, I just find Piper to be annoying as fuck, not a fan of his in ring work and I just find him extremely over rated.
  10. He revolutionized wrestling.
  11. How many times are you going to mention that he's "extremely overrated" ? is that really all you got to say? :dawg:
    Also lol at this coming from a Hardy fan :facepalm:
  12. Piper's not overrated, he was an innovator. The reason you probably see it like that is because a lot of today's heel wrestlers copy his style. The heels from back then had nothing on Piper when it came to promos. (with the exception of a few)
  13. Piper was the Gorgeous George of his generation. George was the first heel to focus on connecting with the crowd and cutting promos. Piper revolutionized it. Piper innovated heel promos and connecting with the crowd through spoken word just like how Rick Rude was credited with innovating the physical and arrogant heel.

    Punk himself hinted that at without Roddy Piper, we wouldn't have Punk.
  14. Uhhh... I think your mom dropped you on the head when you were a baby cause "Rowdy" Roddy Piper is one of the best wrestlers of all time.
  15. Nope me his day he was he's just like the old pisshead trying to bask in his former glory
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