Am I the only one who misses Ted DiBiase?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zach, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. He's one of my favorite wrestlers. :sad:

    Apparently he was at a house show on July 21st, so maybe he will make his return soon!
  2. Not really, it was a fresh character if nothing else. He had a lot of potential as a face.
  3. I don't miss Teddy Jr a great deal tbh, he can wrestle but he's too dull in everything else.
  4. I miss his feud with Goldust; That was entertaining.
  5. He's healthy indeed, he beat Mahal on some other house show, I'm sure he'll be back soon. I want to see how and when he'll be back, and I hope he's used well. He has potential but he was sort of dull on his recent run.
  6. This.
  7. Him and ADR need to have a money war
  8. Yes, you are.
  9. Pairing two wrestlers who can't make crickets jump out of their seats together in a feud = awesome business idea!
  10. ADR IS GOOD CRAYON. Your hate makes me sick.
  11. Yep, pretty much. I completely forgot about him.
  12. ^spambot. one more post, one more post, the crowd chants.
  13. I miss Ted Dibiase as well, i thought he had potential to be a future high-midcarder, one of those guys who always has a match before the main event, is used in storylines often, etc.
  14. I agree. He just needs to work a little more on being better on the mic and he needs a personality. His in ring skills are pretty good so he just needs to work on that
  15. Exactly, I say if you got him in a Nexus kind-of storyline, he'd be more effective and could develop his character while being in the that storyline.
  16. I cry myself to sleep at night because i miss him so much
  17. No you are not the only one misses Ted. I miss Ted. Alot actually.
  18. I doubt it. :((
  19. He's the only one that misses Ted, yet you say you do too? :hmm: interesting
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  20. In the old character he had, yes, you might just be.

    He needs a total revamp. He's got the skills, but I think he's a career midcard/tag team guy. Give him a partner and let him run.

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