Am I the only one?

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  1. Who's actually kinda excited to see what happens in the Diva 7 on 7?
  2. I'm a bit curious. Not to excited, but at least the Divas have some something going on right now.
  3. They also seemed to be getting more Matches on Raw, recently they've been having 2 rather than the standard 1.
  4. Well, it kinda just seems like something to showcase the Total Divas, so if it's just a match where the Total Divas win and they say "don't miss total divas on whatever channel at whatever day and time" and nothing comes out of it it'll be irrelevant and it seems possible. But who knows, maybe someone pins AJ and a feud starts, I don't know.
  5. Only if they get naked will I be interested.
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  6. It sucks that some of the Divas involved are talentless but I'm for the Divas getting more time and with the future talent tucked away in NXT the Divas revival may continue and I'm all for it.
  7. Tamina turning on AJ or Kailtyn turning heel would be cool. Hope Eva gets eliminated the first,
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  8. I understand why you're interested, there's a lot of interesting possibilities in the match. Can't join in just because I thought the Summerslam match would be interesting too, and it turned into a massive ad for Total Divas. Fool me once...

    Glad you're excited, but stay grounded buddy. It's still the Divas.
  9. lol'd for little/no reason.

    Yeah I'll watch while i do other shit. I only will enjoy the match if Natty wins, and I don't care if that negates my opinion.
  10. don't mind the time for their match, just hopefully its doesn't drag on longer than needed.
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