Am I the only one!!

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  1. Seriously, I didn't see anyone here talking about the way Damien Sandow is being booked! So I thought about making this thread!

    I mean..Damien Sandow is a very talented superstar, his mic skills is without a doubt one of the best in the WWE today..
    His in ring skills is also great, he put up many great matches against Sheamus and others..
    Also, he is a natural heel..
    A one you can easily hate and boo..

    But looking at the way WWE is booking him at the moment is simply unbelievable!
    He is not more than a jobber with some "mental issues" or something who comes out every week dressing like someone!
    He doesn't even have a character anymore lol!

    He obviously didn't recover from the "shameful" booking he had when he won the MITB briefcase last year and had to fail to cash in on SuperCena.

    So, Am I the only one here who actually thinks thst Sandow deserves a lot more than what he gets?
  2. Seems like a great role for him. He gets TV time every work, more than he would be able to say otherwise. I've never understood why people think he is so great. I mean, the gimmick is cool and he works it fine, but people really think he should be getting some great push, which I don't see. He is enhancement talent through and through.
  3. I would like to see him in a more serious role, his entire career has been built off of comedy and yes that can be somewhat entertaining but it can also be repetitive. Unfortunately I don't see him getting a push for a very long time, I just hope he doesn't fall down to the level as to where Zack Ryder is now.
  4. You can say this gimmick is good for someone like Santino or Heath Slater...but Sandow!!
    I just don't see how such a gimmick is good for him!
  5. He's working a gimmick that's getting him more over than he ever was before. And just so Baara knows: His current gimmick is "disgruntled worker trying to get on the show". He's cut multiple fake shoots about trying to get airtime without dressing up like a phony character.

    My guess is this is going the MVP route, where they use "humiliating" him to get him over to set up a face turn.

    Also almost every superstar they have plans for goes through something similar to this to prove their worth.
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  6. Santino or Slater wouldn't fit this gimmick at all, they portray the opposite of the intelligence you need to display. Sandow plays it well, but I can't see him as a serious wrestler, which is why I like this gimmick for him. I also think he does a good job of mixing in the pompous gimmick into his matches, which is why he is passable in ring. Just going off of pure wrestling ability he is near the bottom of the list of current WWE performers. He isn't awful in the ring but by today's standards everyone can go in the ring.
  7. Yeah, I would also prefer Sandow was higher up in the card. I really enjoy his gimmick, I'm quite sure he could hang up there, he may not be the best in the ring but he's good enough. Given those "worked shoots" he cut sooner in the year I think this is leading up to something better.
  8. lol Sandow and Ziggler are just 2013 and 14 versions of Ryder. Name's who sell merch but have no chance at anything in WWE.

    Keep faith, they might get short stints as US champ or as #1 contenders - only to job.
  9. They have countless guys they should be pushing, we can list about 15 guys who are as worth pushing if not more than Sandow, but not enough people on the roster who make the show more entertaining whenever they're out there. Sandow's current gimmick legit makes me laugh and that's a good thing.
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    So surprised I wasn't tagged in this by anyone.. you bastards!
    Currently the product IMO just doesn't have any good storylines for him to be inserted into, this character per week gimmick gets him TV time and that's good because they don't want a $450k asset sitting in the shadows.

    As for people doubting his wrestling capabilities, there's nothing to doubt.. all he needs is a proper finisher/signature (Royal Arch submission is nice, I would like to see more use of it). He can put on very good 7-10 minute matches easily, heck even some of the 10-15 minute matches he has had since coming in (house shows included) have looked decent.

    Personally I like the role, I just don't like him losing while he's in it.. or if he's gonna lose make him go nuts after each match and cheap shot the victors.. If they were gonna push him they should've done it when he had the briefcase, now wouldn't make much sense. Although I've heard recently that these character gimmicks was helping him grow on the fans, whether that be true or not is probably more of an interpretation thing.

    I'll mark out crazy hard if he comes out of this IC Battle Royale at Battleground as the surprise winner.. I see either the IC or the US title coming to him some point between now and the end of next year.
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  11. Nope, you're not the only one.

    Sandow is fucking awesome and deserves more than a Mr. Jobber role!

    He was horribly booked (still is) and completely buried once he won the MITB contract. I hope it doesn't happen to Rollins, though.

    Anyways, WWE should've let him cash it in on Cena, but no... That is superhero John Cena, Sandow's not worthy of cashing in on him. I mean, come on! At least, they should've let him cash it in and then have him lose it at the next PPV, ffs! Props to WWE for still doing a kickass job at burying good talent.
  12. the next person who shits on zack ryder is getting buried. Dont think i won't cut Xanth off from meat sandwiches until he figures out a way to permaban the haters. Mr Rodgers might live in the real world, but cornwall is just around the corner via train.
  13. The cash-in fail wasn't even the point of burial IMO, both matches with Cena (the cash-in and the non-title rematch a few months after the failed cashin) were awesome matches to me, I mean they let Cena win but not without letting Damien put on a little show to impress.
  14. Sure, you're right and your point is valid. But that still doesn't make up for the damage done on him.
  15. Does he deserve more than he's getting?
    Let's look at his previous gimmick and where it could fit in:
    He wouldn't fit in with the Authority storyline. There's no way his character would click in that stable.
    On hand hand, a Bryan/Sandow feud could work. On the other hand, it would be a upper mid-card type feud, before Bryan stepped up.
    All things considered, he wasn't main event stuff. He can't be taken seriously, when he isn't exactly very intimidating.

    It's the same boat Hunter Hearst Helmsley was in. That blue blood gimmick had a shelf life. Sandow needs a similar change.
  16. I like Sandow's gimmick and don't see it as a bad thing or burial at all.. it's also funny as hell.. he is on multiple shows every week and though he is currently jobbing every week it doesn't mean it has to continue to be that way. His whole gimmick is that he is disgruntled and starting showing out in order to get on TV more.. and eventually it will change to him being tired of having to do all these gimmicks just to get on TV and he'll start going off on people randomly... then feuds will start with different people and he'll move up the chain.

    Sandow has the in ring ability and the mic skills to get back to the upper mid card status where he once was and where he should be.
  17. At this point, anything would be better for Sandow, even repackaging.
  18. Sandow needs to go into business for Sandow. The same goes for Ziggler.
    Stop giving a hoot about the fans. Make $, not friends. Make $, not sympy.
  19. I guess you're right, to an extent. But is it too late for that now?
  20. Not quite. Undertaker went from being a (old western undertaker) pure gimmick to a fan favorite.
    Afterward he evolved into a supernatural goth, he then became a biker.
    He reverted back into a supernatural goth who learned how to 'work' the crowd.
    Since then he's become an outstanding ring worker by integrating all the elements of his previous incarnations.

    Taker learned to get better over a period of time. He realized its a business first and the fans are a distant second.
    The business is cyclical and, often times, fans do not know better.
    Standing the test of time beats getting a cheap pop from smarky crowds.
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