Amanda Todd

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Since Danny brought and suggested I make a thread. Here I am, making
    a thread!

    Anyways their was this girl whose name is Amanda Todd and she committed suicide about 2 days ago because of bullying. It was Cyber, Verbal and Physical bullying. She was 15 years old and lived in British Columbia (Province in Canada).

    Anyways, the reason she was being bullied is because about 3 years ago, when she was like in grade 7 her friend recommended to meet new people online. So she did and while she was on webcam she supposedly flashed for a bit. Probably a year later the guy threatened/blackmailed her to do a show for him or else he would release the photo's to all her friends and family unless she did a show for him. Eventually he sent the photos and the bullying started. I guess people started calling her a slut, people on the internet made fun of her and throughout school she was bullied and had fights with other girls. She switched schools and it would get better until she started texting a former male friend at her old school. She kept on getting bullied no matter what and tormented.

    She tried to commit suicide with bleach before and overdosing anit-depressants. She also made Youtube videos to express what she was feeling.

    Now we are here 2 days later where she finally committed suicide.
    To be honest, I see no reason to ever commit suicide but bullying is the main reason which leads into it.

    Parents can't do nothing about it, teachers never do and yet they have this bullshit anti-bullying day, so everyone where pink. They fucking never do shit and most of the time who support it are bullies themselves.

    :finger: you bullies and :finger: you teachers!
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  2. What the fuck is going on in the world when 7th graders are posting nudes and shit :facepalm:
    How old was she like 12-13? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  3. Probably 12, but I've seen them in 8th grade.
  4. She uploaded this 1 month before her suicide

    :finger: bullies and I pray for everyone that hurt her and the family of Amanda. She was young and had a lot to live for. Stories like this make me sick to be a human.
  5. Saw this, sadly it was people making fun of her, the internet is truly a cruel place... The problem with this generation is that everyone is soft, almost no one can take an insult and just move on. Also the internet doesn't help along with texting since all these kids get all these stuff and they did what she did, flash their bodies. The slut thing is stupid for kids, it's usually coming from people who are not virigins that call other girls sluts, which is stupid. She went for help, which was the right thing to do, but no one did anything about it. Sadly this happens to tons of people, almost everyone in my family, including myself went through, the thing to do is just stand up for yourself and then move on and don't make the same mistake again. She most likely couldn't take it, and just did it. I don't know what more she could have done, talking to your parents should help, talking to a teacher should also, in my opinion, going to random people on the internet is the WORSE thing to do. I'm sorry this happened to her, suicide is a very sad thing, and I hope her family is doing okay, and fuck everyone making fun of her, heartless fucks.
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  6. Did she really think people read that slowly? Goddamn

    Honestly I think everyone is bullied in one way or another growing up, it's an unfortunate part of life. Kids are assholes, that is a well known fact. It is sad that some people don't have support systems around them to help them through the trials and tribulations of being a kid. I understand this situation is extreme and she was facing some hardcore bullying, but still. It is definitely sad to hear about things like this though. I hope all of the pricks who took it too far with her wake the fuck up and realize what miserable pieces of shit they are.

    You know what I would have called a chick who was willing to flash back in 7th grade? GF material
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  7. The part that got me was the random creep that was black mailing her still after she moves and creates a facebook with those pictures. I mean how big of a loser are you bro? Then the whole part where she tried to commit suicide and people felt the need to say, it was too bad she didn't get the job done. That's just pathetic and scummy, maybe there was a reason to insult her for the naked photos but that stuff went too far. I feel bad mostly for her parents because they shipped her around just trying to do anything to make this girl happy and she still feels the need to take her life. You said something very important though that the saddest part was that she didn't have the support system and felt the need to do that. Hopefully this story can raise awareness although i doubt it. Overall though your input was pretty much spot on, dolph.


    I apperciate your input man and you have valid points and i'm proud of you for standing up for yourself.
  8. That's exactly what it should do. Just got done talking with someone about it, their exact words were, "Boo hoo she died get over it and move on." I don't believe that, I think that we should move on, but after something is done. Someone's death shouldn't just be nothing, it should be something. Even if nothing happens, people have to try to change something.
  9. Well this thread is doing it's part to spread awareness and unfortunately we don't have the proper platform to help on a global scale. That is the disheartening part.
  10. In my opinion she didn't die from suicide. You have to die before it comes to that.
  11. It seems stupid to kill yourself over bullying, no matter how extreme. But people making this big of a deal out of her posting a nude pic on the internet (even to the point of a group of girls beating her down in school once) was also pretty extreme. Those people are obviously just looking for a reason to hate someone when you make that big of a deal out of someone quickly flashing someone over the internet.
  12. Seriously, some people need to really fuck off.
  13. Watched her video..

    Can't imagine in what kind of situation she was feeling.. So, so deeply terrible.
    It is a shame that no one around her could see the full affects of it and send her to someone who is trained in those kind of situations to create something for her in life to not make that final decision that she sadly made..
    Not to sound cruel to this case, but how many times has this already happened, people. It is going too far. Even if people make a mistake like she did when she was younger, you do not deserve that kind of punishment or pain back from it. I really hope for the people who have touched her metally or physically, will feel bad, very bad. And will have troubles to even think about something like this. How in the world can a human being be so, deeply cruel inside to post something like ''I'm glad she is dead'', on the memorial page of the person who passed away. It makes me sick. Also, when you Google her name, all kinds of 9gag posts pop up with her picture saying: ''BRB Bleach cocktail, YOLO''. What is wrong with those people, how can you even come up with something so dark, bad, cruel and sad to post or create something like that. I just don't know how planet earth will be able to live at at some kind of point when you have people like that walking around on it. For me, it's just impossible to even think about hurting someone in that way.

    Also, for the people who bullied her.. It is just the easy way around to bully others to not get bullied. Experienced that myself when I was younger. Day in day out it would never stop. But at some point, it stopped ..Completely stopped. Around the age of 16/17 there wasn't even some kind of weird look if I can recall it in that way. It's very sad to see that she did not even make it to that certain age, and to experience the differences in life that will evolve when you will grow older.

    I hope people will get more aware of the whole point in general now that this is such an ''Internet sensation''.

    I really can understand why she made the video.. She was alone, empty and done. It's a shame that no one saw the upcoming effects of the video itself, because you could see the pain in her face every time she threw away a page that made a clear line about the story. I know for sure, there are professionals in Canada, who can track people, and get into contact with them in a time of 2/3/4 hours. She stated that she needed someone.. It was clear for me that she needed someone. That's why I was shocked about no one contacting her right away.

    I know it's ''after all talk'' but I just wanted to point it out.
  14. I enjoyed your opinion and also agree
  15. How can a human being be so vile, disgusting shits, how can upon finding out someone you once knew has drove herself to end her life, find it funny? How could her bullies see her face every time they said something to her, see the pain in her eyes, and carry on doing it, there are some physically sickening people on this planet but I never thought anyone could stoop so low, I hope their parents are proud of them, they have raised such disgusting vermin.

    R.I.P Amanda, nobody can possibly deserve what you went through.
  16. Beautifully said friend +1
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