*AMAZING* 5 Police Officers vs A law knowing Citizen

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 13, 2012.

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  2. Cops are dumbasses, but this guy is just babbling lmao.
  3. This video was pretty decent, but on the right a few down there are people trying to cross past the national guard terrorist stopping line...THOSE guys are badass. This dude is more trying to incite some anger and possibly an arrest from the officers to profit from. He knows what he's doing, but his only reason is to be an asshole.
  4. I was pretty shocked when the cops didn't arrest him, but they knew what he was trying to do.

    I also lmao'd when they released his kid and he was like 6 years old.. wtf were they picking up a 6 year old for ffs?

    just dumbasses all around in the vid; it was funny listening to the guy babble about nothing in particular though.
  5. I think everyone has misunderstood the video.

    He was spitting law facts (they are facts) at the police. Isn't that ironic enough? This clip is enough proof to sue them for a lot of money, they have literally admitted that they have no rights to pick up this random kid for no reason. Him saying they've kidnapped him is correct in the technical term, in the social term it's obviously inaccurate as they were returning but questioning this little kid.

    He wasn't inciting anger... I would do the exact same thing. I've seen kids my age be brought to the police station for not giving their name. If you use the words "Lawyer", "Rights", "Constitution", "Law" and "Sue" then you won't be touched. He said what he had to say to own these blind idiots and get his kid back.

    Shocked as in shocked the American police didn't do something stupid or shocked as in you agree he should have been? And yeah I know right, why did they nee to privately interview his fucking kid. The guy is an absolute boss, read up on law people :true:. If you understand what he said, nothing would be "babbling" lol (not saying you don't understand).
  6. Yes shocked that they didn't do something stupid. Usually if anyone says anything the cops don't want to hear they just arrest him, but these cops were actually smart not to give the guy what he wanted.

    And he was babbling. He goes on about Christianity, how they are immigrants from Europe, asking for their green cards, talking about human trafficking, piracy, and god knows what else. Obviously he was correct in that they had no reason to pick up his kid, but besides that he was babbling nonstop

    I also lol'd when he was like "Got you. Got you. Got you. ::Films license plate:: got that, got that. Got it all!"
  7. He said he has no name, which he doesn't; he has a title. He's a "moor" (click me) which is why he brought up Christianity. When he was calling them immigrants he was talking ironically, but that's a whole different debate which dabbles into history which isn't necessary. Human trafficking is technically a term you could have used for the cops taking his child. If someone takes your child away from you with no lawful ground, what does it technically file under? Human trafficking and(or) kidnap.

    Obviously he knew they weren't going to sell his child, but he brought it up mainly for self-defence, he knows the law, do anything you're nto allowed to and in his words he'll "own your ass".
  8. He knew they weren't going to actually take his kid away in a cop car and he knew if they tried to arrest him they had no grounds to do so. Besides that he was babbling. He was saying obvious things in exaggerated terminology and I'm not nearly as impressed with him as you are lol
  9. You still don't get why though but tbh I can't be assed explaining lmao. It's fine, he was babbling :true:
  10. ....His kid had no reason whatsoever to be in the police car being questioned without his father being arrested or detained as well, which SHOULD BE against the law here in the great USA. Unfortunately, people here are obsessed with the idea of sacrificing their freedom for a comfortable lifestyle, promoted through the anger and hatemongering of the mass media. The guy was trying to piss off the officers, Crayo, Doph's is right, at least where i'm from. If you talk shit to a cop, or say nearly anything they don;t like or agree with, you will have consequences in the form of some worthless ticket (public noise complaint, agravating an officer, etc)...hell I have NEVER seen a police officer go to any incident (trafic accident, parties, noise complaints, etc) where no one has gotten a ticket of some sort. This is why they are disrespected by people like this man. He clearly knows what he is doing, and i have to give him credit i would be spitting in faces if someone had my young child in the car telling/asking him what is going on. Pigs, plain and simple.

    I do feel there are good police officers, but i blame the PTA moms and people who see others as a hand (left or right only) as the real offenders in this mediastate we are involved in right now. Click it or ticket? Whatever happened to i'll do as i please with my own body?
  11. Obviously or government knows what is best for us more than we know for ourselves! Or maybe they don't want us to fly through our windshield and our bodies to become a projectile that could harm innocent bystanders!

    Not to mention there are always instances of a seat belt CAUSING a death when if the person had not worn the belt they would have been fine. Of all the asinine laws in this country the seatbelt law may take the cake. Just an easy way for cops to get an excuse to pull people over and at worst they make 20 bucks from the situation

    /misplaced rant on the seatbelt law
  12. I know Dolph's is right, if I were to list every single video clip of corrupt police officers it would crash the forum. My point was the man did the right thing. Even corrupt idiot officers wouldn't arrest someone who is completely clued up on law and had a video camera with him. The most common misconception is that when police ask for your name is that you have to give it. Unless you're being arrested you don't have to give a damn thing.
  13. Idk if 'corrupt' is the word (there are plenty of those as well mind you). Mainly they are just moronic and power hungry. They were unpopular jerk offs growing up, so they become a cop, get a badge, a gun, some mace and they get a big dick and think the world should bow at their feet and if someone doesn't they want to humble them.
  14. Is that not the same as being corrupt? Those who are police officers for the wrong reasons abusing the power they get given?
  15. I think of corruption I think of bribes and stuff, not just being an empowered asshole
  16. haha misplaced, yes, but i think it was just to prove the point that police are using the state of "safety" over our actual liberties and freedoms. Have to love overenforced power. Best example is trying to get into your house without a reason and expecting you owe them respect.
  17. What an absolute moron. These harmless cops were doing their job, and how do you know that his kid wasn't doing something illegal and/or was part of some crime that got him into Q&A time with the cops?
  18. And how do you know the cops aren't as previously discussed in this thread just overempowered douche bags who want to show their gigantic peens into peoples faces for respect? It could be either way but it is generally known that cop is one of the most corrupt professions and the profession filled with the most dickheads.
  19. nevermind im just leaving this alone.
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