Amazing Race Wrap-Up With Robbie E!

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    Another week of The Amazing Race is in the books and #TheWrestlers are still wowing us! Brooke and Robbie finished this week's leg of the race in 5th place and will be continuing their race next Friday at 8/7c on CBS. Every week, Robbie provides exclusive recaps to discussing what each leg of the race was like.

    Now, we turn it over to Robbie to give you his take on this week's episode!

    Marrakesh?? We're going to Marrakesh?? Where is that?? Did I spell it right?? More importantly, do they have gyms there?

    Starting off in second place this leg was awesome, but then we got to the airport and had to wait on a flight so we were all dead even again. That sucks, bro. We were all very frustrated. Then, we made it to Africa and there tons of animals and bad smells from the animals... Why are animals so weird, bro?

    We landed and we hit the market to do our first obstacle, which was build a food cart. One word. Gross!!!! It smelled so bad and the food looked so gross but, none the less, I was still hungry. Will anyone ever give me food???

    After we finished that, Brooke had to scrape the hair off of dead animals' skin. BRO... What was that? Who does that? Brooke almost puked... but she powered through and killed that challenge. Next, we had to choose our detour and we chose Tea Time. First off, our outfits were horrible... But, I'm glad we chose that detour because the other one looked super hard. It involved dancing but, not like booty-popping, so we probably would've been bad at it and Brooke would've been stressed out.

    BOOM! Just like you knew we would, Team BRO powered through and got the job done. We finished this leg in 5th place. Next week we'll do even better, but not too shabby bro!

    #TheWrestlers are still here and we even have our own shirt now! Support us and we promise to make you proud as we race for that $1 Million, bro! (Get the official Team BRO t-shirt here!)

    See you next week in Africa!

    NOTE: Additionally, we look back at last week where #TheWrestlers were spotlighted heavily. Joel McHale even featured #TheWrestlers on a recent episode of E!'s The Soup, which can be viewed here (warning: strong language).


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