Amazing read from former WWE Writer Assistant

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Long read but completely worth it.
  2. So the writers like Ryder? They want to write entertaining parts and Cena wants a heel turn but Vince stops it all? Damn you @[Vince McMahon]! :annoyed:
  3. WTF? Sheamus is NOT The next CENA! He to good to be the next Cena! If anyone desavre to be the NUMBER 1 GUY is SHOULD BE THE BEST WRETSLER IN THE WORLD! CM PUNK! B/c he not Cena! And he better Sheamus! I have nothing against Sheamus hell I met the guy he really nice but he should not be the next Cena! Sheamus should turn heel again b/c better at that! CM Punk is great at being both a Heel and Face he sell VERY good at both! He should Number Guy 1! And UPABOVE HE NOT AN ASSKISS!


  5. Punk is better in the ring the Sheamus yes but Sheamus connects better with casuals and younger crowds and thus is more suited for being the number 1 guy for promotional work. He is great with kids at make a wish and B a Star rallies so I see the reason for why they want him as the next big guy on campus. :cena:
  6. SO? who care? It who the BEST and that CM PUNK! Stone Cold had to be in in line to be number 1 guy do you thni khe would have made? If he to get kids to like him? NO Stone Cold was own guy and that what him great b/c he was himself! WWE need to resize number 1 guy need to be himslef and not and asskiss! That going to being come another Cena and Sheamus if far better is when cena got his push and I don't want Sheamus to into to a PG BITCH like Cena! B/c Sheamus is ashley good! Were Cena has ALWAY SUCK! CM PUNK SHOULD NUMBER 1 GUY! And when though 2 wrestler CM PUNK BETTER WIN!

  7. Really interesting read, many thanks for posting!

    Love the Zack Ryder part about him wanting to keep his underdog character alive. As for the negative, the tag/divas division. So that explains the "New Divas' Champion Hat" and the bipolar treatment of O'Neil and Young. Nice job, Vince.
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  9. Who Cares? VINCE DOES!!! Just because you want to have CM PUNKS anal babies, does not mean he is the Face of the WWE. He does NOT do a tonne of promo work for the company. He isnt doing the talk show circuits. He isnt doing movies. If Anyone is going to be the top guy if Cena does a face turn is the MIZ.
    He does the work as well, and he carries himself with class and digity outside the ring.

    Seriously dude, get a clue. CM PUNK is a good entertainer, but will Never carrty the "Ball" for vince like guys like Cena and HHH and HBK did:yes:
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  10. I actually agree that Sheamus isn't really cut out to be the next Cena, but I also definitely agree that CM Punk isn't either. Miz I feel is probably the closest to being able to emulate Cena.

  11. :dawg:
  12. I agree with Dark and Crayo that Miz should be the guy to be the next face of the company in the sense of the word. A amazing way to solidify Miz as it would have him being built up as a decent lower uppercard face for a while so that he already has the credentials so to say. Then have Cena turn heel and have Miz stand up to the new evil Cena. Boom. New guy rises up to take the old ones place.
  13. Especially since Miz beat Cena clean at WM

  14. Great read. Nice to know a little bit more about how WWE works.
  15. Thanks Crayo, amazing read. Randy goan not take over the thread with your usual pish?

    Neither Miz nor Sheamus are good enough in the ring to be the face of the company IMO, especially Miz. These guys are gonna have to headline WM practically every year if they are in that role - and they need to be capable of putting on great matches. In my short time of seeing Miz he's not impressed me once in any of his matches and Sheamus has had one good match - with the best wrestler in the company.
  16. NO! MIZ SUCK AND HE NEED LEAVRE WWE OR WWE NEED CUT HIM! Sheamus has yet to face the best wrestler in the world and when he does he will lose to CM PUNK!

  17. Yeesh... Just quit being a fanboi and look at the big picture you dolt!!!

    If you can't contribute to the conversation then don't bother inundating us with your childish dribble!

    Your welcome

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  18. So the IWC hates Super Sheamus, but he is their only hope for a Cena heel turn. Interesting
  19. Ziggler would make a great face of the company, but i dont think he would be good as a face. He has the look, the charisma, and loves the business
  20. Read this from another forum and its Vince thats ruining WWE he so needs to retire
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