Amazing read from what Paul Heyman tweeted today

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Go there and read that. This is why many people want him leading creative people.
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  2. Heyman is such a badass genius
  3. Interesting read.

    Although with one company shoving all the young talent under an almost 50-year old Big Show and the other pushing 53-year olds that haven't been relevant in 10 years as title contenders, the fact that the young talent has to jump through all these hoops is laughable! Here in 2 years, these two clowns will be gone and so will whatever viewers are left. It's time to stop throwing roadblocks in front of the young talent and build for the future if they want there to be a future in this business!

  4. Nice, he should be in-charge of creative. He knows real talent when he sees it. The current generation like Sin Cara need to get to the top and create opportunities for themselves to become main eventers.
  5. This is why Dixie Carter should have given Paul Heyman 100% creative control in TNA two years ago. But she didn't like his idea about firing all the legends (old guys) so she didn't. TNA would be a lot better with Heyman steering the ship.
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  6. Firing all the old guys would have been perfect. LMP if you agree.
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  7. He speaks the truth.
  8. I agree 100% with Heyman. The young guys should work for themselves, but as Rainman said, the companies should help. They should give young guys more time and opportunities.
  9. So it's a unanimous decision - Heyman is a god.
  10. I wouldn't say god. But he is the best man for the job.
  11. Put him as head of Creative and we're cool.
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