Kayfabe "Amazing" vs "The Amazing One"

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  1. Chris: I been racking my brain about the match I lost, You win some you lose some I guess.
    But I’m simply amazing and I’m going to show that this week vs The Amazing H, Now Don’t get me wrong H is a good guy, But He is only Good not “amazing” and I get put in the middle of these two bickering and hell I’ll take on all comers in this battleground of a ring,’
    I may win, I may lose, But I will fight 'Til my final breath
    Just to show you all that I’m here to stay and become a champion.
    I’m Just too good to be stuck in the middle, That’s why I left before and now I see clearly that I just gave up, No More! I’m done with running, I’m here to break dreams and break necks and leave my mark.

    *Chris Spins the microphone in his hand and leans on the ropes.*

    Chris: Can you see?, I’m here to stay and this week Chris Young will not die!
    I pour my blood every time out and you don’t give a damn what I or anyone out here does and we are sick and tired of it.
    We are going to break down this waste of skin and beat him down into the mud.
    I will not break a sweat in this match and you will see why I’m the amazing one and He is a lame duck, You know he has the face of a duck as well haha,
    When I snap that small neck of yours inside side of that ring, Don’t forget that your last match was with “The Amazing One” Chris Young and when your family asks why you will never wrestle again tell them that you could not hold up to me!
    Because people like me out show people like you and that’s a fact An Amazing Fact!

    *Chris Laughs and gives a cocky smile as he hands off the microphone off to Lilith Young*

    Lilith: Amazing H, When you speak, All I hear is fear and sadness of a worthless man.
    And the fact I have seen the light, my eyes were opened to the fact that smiling and having the fans cheer doesn't mean anything, when We’re losing week, after week, after week. My eyes were opened to the fact, that if I want to get anywhere, the only person I can rely on, unless myself, of course, is Chris.
    Amazing H, You have walked into our pit and the hell many have known.
    May Chris Break you like how the world have broken us.

    *Chris takes the microphone again and cracks his neck and knuckles,*

    Chris : I Get it your perception of me have changed I understand that because my perception of this business has changed, But make no mistake about it, I'm Better than the best in the world , I'm am The Amazing Chris Young!
    Although I love what I do in this ring…..and Amazing H get ready for an “Amazing” Match.
    And Des Pierson, I know you will do something in this match as the guest ref, Go nuts for all I care. If you beat H into a bloody mess mid-match fine.
    May the most “Amazing” win.
    *Chris Does a gun gesture at the camera and it fades to break.*​