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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. - Can it expire?

    - Can it buy everything on the site?

    I have 30.00$ on it and wanna, for example, buy this one Roode shirt, but it says "Gift options not available" for the Roode shirt. Does it mean I can't pay it by my gift card?
  2. I believe Gift options not available means you can get gift wrap and shit with it, Not sure about expiry.
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  3. I believe they expire after 1 year.

    It can be everything on the site.

    Gift options not available means you can't get gift wrapping and stuff like that.
  4. Thanks man.

    So basically, to sum up, I can pay anything within 30$ by simply using the gift card and it's code, right?
  5. Correct.
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  6. yeah because you cant give it as a gift (as in a present form etc) i'd assume. Gift cards work like credit cards you douche.
  7. What you buying me, buddy?
  8. pics of dicks i bet.
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  9. 69 WWE DVDs.:boss:
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