Amazon testing delivery drones

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  1. First they deliver democracy. Now they might deliver feetie pajamas and fifa for Xanth. The future is bright.
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  2. Yup, saw this morning. Could take up to 6 years for FAA paths because the FAA has until 2015 to create guidelines for them.
  3. Gonna be interesting if this becomes reality. As you said they need to get FAA guidelines, not to mention all the testing that needs to be done. Imagine one hitting a person, lawsuits galore.
  4. That would be... yup, a catastrophe.

    I mean US people sue everyone for everything without needing a reason, let alone one of these dropping a 5lb package from 100m :lol1:
  5. Like the story about a dude suing a electronics company for having a TV dropped on his foot after a dude threw it out the window. Since it nowhere on the TV said you were not allowed to.
  6. That happened? Jesus christ. Wish I knew about that. :lol1:

    By the way, could you resize your sig? I'm on a 22" monitor and it still takes up like half the page. Took the liberty of doing it for you:


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  7. Thanks. I'm on a 14 inch laptop and it doesn't take up half the page. Odd.

    Also, imagine how many of these typ of calls will go out:
    "this is Xanth"
    "Yeah hi, this is Gareth from We are sad to announce that your order of Nigella DVDs have fallen into the Atlantic ocean after our drone crashed into a pelican. Our bad"
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  8. If you said your food delivery, I could have believed it was legit.

    I can only presume by Nigella you mean Lawson? In which case :fap:
  9. I'm curious as to how much extra it would cost to upgrade from standard shipping to this option.:hmm:
  10. I'm betting like £19.95 at the least, considering it's like £9.99 for next day delivery :lol1:
  11. If this did come out some people would make some government camera conspiracy theory on it.
  12. How? They know your address anyway?
  13. People make up the weirdest shit, people still believe the government was behind 9/11
  14. Haha, there is no way I'd pay over 20$ for shipping, I'm fine with waiting a week or so.
  15. I'd pay it tbh
  16. I think McDonalds, BK and other fast food places should invest in this in the near future. Call me lazy, but having McD's and shit delivered to my house would be fuckin awesome bro
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    gonna shoot that with my slingshot if I ever see one.
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  18. They're really just government spy drones disguised as "Amazon delivery drones." We're all officially screwed
  19. Nah he is waiting for the PeperDroni to deliver him pizza.
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  20. Ha, nice one. PeperDroni. Better go and copyright that one or something before they steal that name bro :jbl:
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