Ambrose a failed WWE Champion?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. It's weird how things work out. Everyone was behind Ambrose winning the title for awhile. He was the underdog and the member of the Shield that seemed to of gotten the short end of the deal. So he finally won the WWE and it was exciting at first. But then it just seemed to get worse every week basically. From the excitement of Rollins returning, to Reigns suspension (and being absent for the Shield feud), to having to be put in a mid card feel feud with Ziggler, and then having to drop the belt to Styles (who the majority of fans prefer) it safe to say Ambrose title run was a huge failure. It seemed to really go downhill once everyone saw how much of a awkward airhead he was on Stone Colds podcast.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Have you never heard of a transitional champion?

    It was pretty clear from the start they were getting Styles ready to take the belt and Ambrose's job was to take it to Smackdown.
  3. He was, I can't blame Ambrose... The company just wasn't behind him. But hey? His transitional title reign brought us to AJ
  4. Yeah, his run could've been better.

    Serious Ambrose is the best Ambrose. His promos leading to SummerSlam were so good. Also, that guy we saw on SmackDown this week... More of that, please.
  5. Hard to look like Championship material when you were talking to a plant you named, and had one of the worst feuds of 2016.

    I love Ambrose, I do. But it's hard to stay behind him when he's had the year he's had. And yeah, he's had some good promos as of late. Probably has less restrictions, but when that's all you're relying on it's not easy to stay in a good light.
  6. I didn't mind ambrose title reign.

    I had a feeling from the start they weren't keeping it on him long, I stayed hopeful that he would keep it though.

    I'd like to see him with it again in the near future, and have an asylum match, proposed by his challenger, at wrestlemania and defend it. At this point thats just a pipe dream lol . Probably won't hold it again.
  7. It's the weirdest thing. Thought he flopped as champ, but... don't... really know why
  8. His character isn't something I can get behind. People just like the wrestler.
    Beyond his in ring work, I don't see anything appealing imho.
  9. Ambrose had the opposite problem Rollins had when he became World Champion and that was having really good build up towards his matches and then the outcome was really disappointing. The issue is because Ambrose is a very old school kind of guy and while most of the roster is there to put on a great match, Ambrose is there to put on a story.

    Besides most people's first world title's seem to be a major bust anyways (Rollins was getting complaints over his booking/character during his first reign as champion, and Roman lost it in one of the worst PPV's ending in recent memory) so it's most likely a dry run as to how Ambrose is gonna be booked as a champion from here on out.
  10. When need less of the laid back "lunatic fringe" Dean Ambrose and more of the intense "Jon Moxley" Dean Ambrose. His championship reign, while short, wasn't the worst especially compared to his shield brothers. For what it's worth, he also dropped the belt in stronger fashion than Seth or Roman did so that's something...
  11. His ring work has been the least appealing thing about him for a while now.
  12. Aye, but his match against Styles has been his best in 2016 so far. He looked so good.
  13. He didn't seem like a bad champion but feel like his reign didn't have anything spectacular about it, or anything that was remotely memorable (other than how he lost it).

    One thing I don't like about Ambrose is that catapult clothesline he does from the ropes, not sure what its called but damn it's cringeworthy because it happens on almost all of his matches. When it happened the first time during his days with the shield it was cool, but then it's like eh.

    And that pretty much sums up how I feel about Dean tbh - Eh.
  14. Well I spoke on The lunatic fringe in one of my old threads and I stated that ever since winning the title his in ring game has become very lazy It feels like he is not the same guy anymore I don't know if it's drama in the back or if he really just got to comfortable. I am a fan I hope he can find his way back to the top but I want styles to enjoy his run for awhile
  15. If he is as good as people say/used to say, he will bounce back. Styles is just a bigger deal than Ambrose. (Better performer too)
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  16. yes he was and
    I had a feeling from the start they weren't keeping it on him long, I stayed hopeful that he would keep it though. Aj Styles is just a bigger deal than Ambrose.
  17. I wouldn't say... "Ambrose a failed WWE Champion" per se. If the company isn't behind Ambrose, or if this is intentional, to create a new storyline... then go for it. Usually, the final 3 months are slow months for WWE, so this would be a perfect time for WWE to "test the waters" when it comes to AJ Styles as Champion.
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