News Ambrose injured?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, May 11, 2013.

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  1. Hopefully this isnt too serious, Im a fan of The Shield and Ambrose and to if Ambrose is injured The Shield loses alot of promo power.
  2. Doubt this will stop him. If anything they'll keep the Shield out of a tag match on Raw, keeping them only to a segment, and rotate to have another Shield member fight on Smackdown.
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  3. A black eye's not gonna stop a guy that worked in CZW lol.
  4. Where does it say it's a black eye lol, if it's actual damage to the eye it'll stop him.
  5. I assumed that was what it was when I seen the injury? Looked below the eye.
  6. It could be a shattered orbital bone or cracks in it. That would keep him out for a while.

    not that big a deal since the Shield is a trio. Just let Dean do the talking and send Seth and Roman into the ring.
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  7. Ambrose can still do the talking but I'm guessing he might have to be replaced by Roman Reigns for the tag title match at Extreme Rules (have they even officially announced that match on TV yet?) if the injury is that serious.
  8. I don't think this will stop him, I think he'll be a part of the shows but won't fight, maybe Rollins will make his role in the ring and he only cuts promos
  9. I've seen guys with broken orbital bones many a time. That ain't it. He is fine. it's a small cut under his eye
  10. When I posted that I hadn't seen the picture yet and just went on the words "eye injury".
  11. Well, I hope it doesn't take him out. But if he can't wrestle he can at least still talk.
  12. Easy. The dude is an awesome mouthpiece, at the very least. He is over, works well, and can sell his teammate. Honestly if he is injured, pull up one of the other top NXT members and introduce them with injured Ambrose in his corner.
  13. I don't want another NXT guy joining The Shield. I like leaving them as they are. Don't want to disturb or upset the balance of the group.

    If anything, it'd be cool to see another NXT guy come up and become a target/enemy of The Shield. Have the NXT guy (Neville? Haven't seen much of him but I think he's a face) cut a promo saying he'll get people's attention and earn his place in the WWE the real way, not take a short cut like The Shield by banding together with other NXT guys and causing havoc.
  14. But Ambrose is injured, him replacing himself (for the time being) with a superstar who is already knocking on wwe's door) and then going over them to kick them out after works better for me.
  15. That doesn't mean someone has to take his place by joining The Shield. Reigns and Rollins can easily work while Ambrose sticks to talking. Or in six man tag matches, Ambrose can just spend less time in the ring. It looks like this 'injury' isn't really that serious anyway. It's not like he has a broken ankle or leg or anything. It also makes them look silly in a way if they request the help of another star only to kick him out afterwards. I mean, if this new member really was so effective, I would think they would keep him in the group.
  16. They could do whatever. They could add big show, my opinion is what i think is best for the company. There are a few stars knocking on the door who could use the 2-3 months heel role before moving to face long term, also setting up a shield angle vs him when ambrose comes back. I am only stating what i think is best, and current star joining with the shield just doesnt work, in my mind.
  17. I agree that a current star joining wouldn't work, I just don't believe anyone new should join at this point.

    Also, again, I seriously doubt Ambrose is going anywhere. His injury isn't serious enough for him to leave and I seriously doubt he'll even miss any time away from the ring.
  18. If he misses no time, great. If he is gone only one ppv, sure. Anything outside of that, and i mean if he misses RAW after the PPV, they could benifit greatly from pulling a huge NXT star up and giving them a chance. Hell, i'd take Big E joining them and going with Reigns in the wake of Ambrose, or even adding 2 more (5 is perfect, ask the other nWo members) to get a breakup that gets to keep some together and choose sides, while keeping the WWE structure intact. Just my opinion, since i typed it myself.
  19. This better not be too serious, I am one of the biggest fan of Ambrose here besides Crayo :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. He better not be injured for long, The Shield is nothing without him.
  20. :pity1: right.
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