Ambrose Needs A Better Finisher

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. The Headlock Driver is a pretty decent move, but as a finishing maneuver, it seems odd to me and lacks a bit of "oomph." If you had the power to give Dean Ambrose a new finishing move - assuming that you would even give him a new finishing move - what would it be? I vote for resurrecting Jake Roberts' DDT. I love the way Roberts could grab an opponent out of nowhere and take them down head first with the DDT, similar to the Diamond Cutter and RKO. That kind of move imo would fit Ambrose's character to a T, seeing as how he's supposed to be this crazed-lunatic who can strike at any moment (backstage sneak attacks and whatnot), and the notion that you won't be getting back up if he can just manage to hook his arm around your head and neck and bring you down into the DDT out of nowhere sort of exemplifies that.

    I think a good way of introducing it to the fans and making the first steps to conditioning them to accept it as his new finisher is to have him DDT Seth Rollins onto a pile of cinder blocks. Just using it to drive Rollins' head into a pile of bricks automatically makes the move look devastating, and if he continues to use the move as his finisher from here on out, people will quickly get the picture and follow along.
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  2. I'd keep it.

    Rollins needs a new one though.
  3. Even though he only really adapted the knee trembler for his feud with Regal I'd like to see him use it again:
  4. I love the Curb Stomp, personally. There's so many different ways that move can be used throughout the match out of nowhere. He could set people up for it (complete with him "tuning up the band" by stomping his foot on the mat like Shawn Michaels did since it's his foot that he's preparing to use to put his opponent down) or his opponent could be trying to suplex off the top rope only for Rollins to fight him off, followed by Seth jumping off the top or second rope and hitting the curb stomp right when his fallen opponent is trying to get back to their knees. I get the feeling he'll be repackaged with a new finisher eventually, though.

    Simple and effective enough, but it's probably too similar to Daniel Bryan's running knee finisher.
  5. Rollins will be best suited with a top rope move.
  6. I'm actually cool with Dirty Deeds, so I wouldn't really change it.

    As far as Rollins goes, Curb Stomp is cool. He should also add Avada Kedavra and Skywalker to his signature moves/finishers list, imo.
  7. Personally I think Ambrose's Dirty Deeds is actually pretty good for now.. granted if they managed to create something that they think would work better and tested it and it did have a better reaction then yeah sure swap it out, I don't think it's a priority though.
  8. I hate top rope finishers. They are passe, overdone and extremely vanilla at this point.
    The curb stomp stint sexy for main event but let's throw tradition out of the window for now.

    I'll take Lock's idea a step further and have Ambrose adopt Sting's inverted DDT.
  9. How about the nasty boys armpit move? Haven't seen that in be long time. Dean seems dirty enough to pull it off.
  10. I know it's banned but I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of Pile Driver variation, think it would suit him down to the ground.
  11. If the person take the bump correctly, injuries can be minimized dramatically.
  12. Exactly, it's a two way move. But the injury risk is still there so I do understand why it's banned.
  13. Sami Zayn took a great pile driver at 8:20 in. Notice how he tucks head in.
  14. I love curb stomp / blacout. Looks brutal when sold correctly (Not like RVD but like Usos and Ambrose, Big E and Dolph the master salesman)

    The inverted suplex thing, now that is not too good.

    I like Dirty Deeds but like Lock said it lacks that 'came out of no where' feel to it. One of the things I like about the RKO is that it can pop out of nowhere, like the spot at Summerslam where he nailed it when Reigns went for the superman punch.
  15. RVD sells all head finishers like a champ. Like the RKO.
  16. TBH after i've looked at it doesn't look as bad as i thought it was, just doesn't look as impressive as the one Big E took.

  17. Ambrose doesn't need a new anything. :tough:
  18. I like the blackout & the headlock driver. I definitely don't like how they call it Dirty Deeds. I don't really want him to get rid of it but I'd like him to have a 2nd finisher. Like..... a video game.

    They could give him the Future Shock DDT since McIntyre is gone, I could see him doing it well.
  19. I could see Dean Ambrose doing the Inverted/Reverse STO and calling it something like "The Fringe" or something played off his nickname.
  20. He should have a leg drop.
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