Ambrose: Overrated?

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  1. In my opinion he's overrated. I've non-stop heard about this guy to be the next big thing and to be a major star. I honestly haven't seen anything majorly special about him. He, with the rest of the Shield did put on a great match at TLC. The reason I feel he's overrated is because I haven't seen any of his matches.

    Show me reasons to be entertained, excited and hyped about this guy. Give me a few video clips of him BEING what you guys claim him to be. I'm actually being serious, no trolling.

    What's your honest opinions on this guy?
  2. Very good on the mic and a good brawler, he's good but not the second coming of Jesus.
  3. Crayo calm down take it easy. Man ...
  4. Knew this thread would come eventually.
  5. Very good talent. Like seabs said. Great mic talker, good brawler. Okay to good technical wrestler with a great understanding for telling a story in ring. He has proven to be great talent before. I will cast my final judgement on him being a success in the WWE once he goes on a steady singles push but I have very high hopes. Not the second coming of Jesus but the first coming of Dean Ambrose.
  6. Show me your reasons. I want to know more about Ambrose.
  7. Well, as I said previously, certain people here worship him waaaay too much, but he's extremely talented on the mic, as a storyteller and good enough in the ring. So yeah, he's good, overall I wouldn't say he's overrated but by the Cornwall population possibly.
  8. He's the next great promo man IMO. In this day and age that seems to matter more than in ring ablility. With a few notable exceptions (DB, Zigs, Punk, etc). Not to say that he sucks in the ring, cause he doesn't, but his bread and butter are his panty wetting promos.
  9. Reasons what? If you want to know more about him, Google/YouTube him. Overrated? What have you based this on if you know nothing about him? All you have seen is a lot of internet marks talk about how much they like Ambrose, lol.
  10. Yes he is :tough:

    But seriously, pretty much that. In the top 5 mic workers on the current ACTIVE roster at the moment although that's not particularly hard. His ring work is hard to judge because I've not seen anything other than his matches with Rollins, Regal and Bryan and they're all superb workers. His work in all of those + @ TLC was great though.

    Next main event star undoubtedly.
  11. Basically, this. I'd just change "a good brawler" into "a great brawler".
  12. Alright, let me phrase it in a better way for you. Why do you like Ambrose? Yeah, I've seen that, you're one of them. So, I'd like to know from a 'internet mark' as to why they like him so much.
  13. So you admit to putting "overrated" there without even watching him? Lol come on man.

    Why do I like him? Because I enjoy him... His character is a gimmick I am a fanboy of regardless of who plays it. He reminds me ever so much of Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker - which I was a huge fan of - so that's good. He's one of the best mic workers in WWE and I mark hard for good promos, I'm a promo guy. He's a fantastic seller, he incorporates his gimmick into his matches which is rare now'adays, his matches entertain me, his look/aura is decent, I just enjoy watching him.

    Don't let me persuade you to like him, you either do or you don't, make that decision yourself dude.
  14. Got distracted by Torrie. :gusta:
  15. I'm not asking you to persuade me to like him. I'm asking for reasons to be interested in this guy. I've seen his TLC match although he did play a very good part in the match - I don't see what's the HYPE about him. This hype is like he's the next Rock or Stone Cold, therefore I feel it's over exaggerated. The IWC has the ability to hype someone up so much or they have the ability to make others think something for them. Fair enough, he sells good, uses his gimmick in matches as he should and he entertains you.

    This thread is creating further discussion on Ambrose. This is to show others as to why others like him. I'm most likely not the only one on this forum that doesn't understand the reason he's so much hyped about or interested about. This is to explain to them why the fans of Ambrose like him so much, what their opinions are, etc.
  16. I was quite impressed with his mannerisms.

    I think if use correctly he will be a major player in te future
  17. You're not the only one no, but you have admitted you haven't watched really anything on him... So how can you judge what he is and isn't? Go watch some of his matches and promos, and see for yourself if you like/hate him. That's the advice I can give at the moment. I'd love to discuss him once you know a bit about him however.
  18. Talented guy with great in ring psychology and great performance psychology. Good brawler decent technically and good on the mic.

    People rave because of his grasp of telling a story and how he puts his character across and how he uses this in ring to tell a story throughout the match.
  19. Yes, that's perfectly fine. Over this week I will be watching a few of his matches, promo's, until I can fully judge on an unbiased opinion however what my initial thought is, is that it's over-exaggeration. Although, I'd love to be proved wrong as I don't want to see other's not reach success this is what I believe in.

    Once I do view more videos of this guy. I'd love to discuss his pros, cons, flaws, plus side's to him, whether I like him or not, etc.
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