Night of Champions Ambrose & Reigns to team at NoC?

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    If that's the case where does that leave Orton?
  2. Orton might feud with Jericho. Wasn't he scheduled to be on the Highlight Reel this Friday on Smackdown? I can't be arsed reading through the spoiler results to see what resulted from that.

    Disappointing as I was actually looking forward to seeing the Reigns/Orton rivalry continue. Likewise, I haven't seen any segments between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho since Summerslam, so I guess that feud has been dropped as well. Oh well. At least it means fresh matches for NOC instead of just rematches. But what's the point of Kane handing his mask back over to Stephanie and reverting to his old Corporate image if he's just gonna step right back into the ring to wrestle? I want to say it was supposed to symbolically represent Kane feeling he isn't the "monster" he once was since he failed to defeat Reigns in a Last Man Standing match the night he returned the mask back over to The Authority, but seeing as how he just helped Rollins put Ambrose on the shelf, I'd beg to differ.
  3. Keep Reigns away from Ambrose please WWE.
  4. Tag's are always filler.
    As for Orton, he doesn't matter.
  5. Well, sure, why not. Neither of them was gonna do anything anyway.
  6. Wouldn't be opposed to them teaming, although I'm curious as to why Orton gets pushed away from Reigns after a nice match between them at SS..
    Perhaps it will be Reigns/Ambrose vs. Rollins/Kane with a little Orton distraction due to him being pissed off that he doesn't get another shot at Roman.
  7. Orton peaked in 2009 and WWE is just now realizing, "Hey, Randy Orton isn't interesting at all".

    You can only do so much for Randy Orton over and over. He needs brilliant writing, the kind of writing a young superstar gets for the Wrestlemania/MITB seasons.
  8. in hell....?
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