Ambrose & Rollins rocking the News a while back..

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  1. I felt that Crayo & Shadow would enjoy this.​

  2. Ambrose was so good in that interview.
  3. MMMMMM Rollins
  4. Them hitting on her is hilarious. I wish they had a like 60 minute interview for fun with all 3 of them.
  5. That chick's panties are so wet.
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  6. That black dude looks like he came straight out of a 70's blaxploitation movie
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  7. She called the spear a body slam.

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  8. Lol Wayne got owned
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Man I wish Ambrose would hit on me ffs.:sad:

    They had an interview a while back that lasted for almost an hour, it's a pretty good listen:
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  11. I watch this in the morning as much (and for as long) as I can and of course, I missed not only this show, but apparently any lead up to this where they talked about having WWE stars/the SHIELD on.

    Well, in spite of her being married and with child, I have always crushed on Kristi Capel. But I'm not gonna cross Dean and have to suffer payback from the Hounds of Justice. Guess I'll just move on to Natalie Herbick.
  12. Great video.
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