Money in the Bank Ambrose shouldn't win MITB

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  1. So far Dean is seeming like the obvious choice to win the MITB breifcase. And as much as I like the guy personally, I definitely don't think he should win the briefcase.

    The last time I remember Ambrose being enthralling at all was against Triple H, and before that Kevin Owens. Since then everything he's been in has been some of the least interesting parts of the WWE.

    Whereas another qualifier in the ladder match, Kevin Owens, has been the brightspot of the last couple of PPVs/whatever segments I have seen. If anyone deserves it right now it'd be him, and then probably Cesaro. But I just don't see it happening, and it sucks.
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  2. Kevin Owens or bust
  3. Never thought Ambrose was a strong contender for the MITB. It seems that everyone really wants him to win it so he can be in the main event feud with Rollins & Reigns. I think the best case scenario is to save that three way SHIELD title feud for Mania.

    I honestly thought Kevin Owens was a lock for MITB with the rumors of a big push but with the rumors of ADR being mad about his position, I would not be shocked if he won it. Third wise, I'd see Jericho being a surprise winner if they wanted to piss people off and have a huge backlash.

    I'd love to see Cesaro win it cause I don't see him getting a title shot himself if they are sticking with one world title w/ the brand split, as I see everyone else would eventually get a World title opportunity.
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  4. Have a small gut feeling Del Rio may win as well, but with all the the new talent maybe they can afford to lose ADR. Again. Albeit, it's a pretty big loss. I dunno, have him feud with Rusev at least.

    Having another MITB winner like Sheamus is just pretty underwhelming, though.
  5. Would be underwhelming but with the brand split and the whole rumor of Del Rio being promised a main event spot when he came back just adds fuel to the fire for me.
  6. As much as I dig Ambrose, I'd love it if KO or Cesaro won. But, since we're getting a Shield triple-threat, I can't help but be cool with it.
  7. Saying Owens deserves it kills your entire argument... Deserving something means nothing in wrestling, Triple H said it himself.. They're competing for fake championships.. All they deserve if they do well is a bigger paycheck, not some fake championship they probably don't care about..
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  8. Yeah, KO should get it, I don't really see Ambrose holding the title for a while sadly...
  9. As long as they plan for a shield triple threat at mania 33, im all in for Dean winning MITB. It would be the perfect main event at mania.

    Otherwise, KO or Cesaro should win. All in all, because of the brand split, superstars have a better opportunity to become bigger names regardless. So even if sea wins, it's not a big deal for Owens or Cesaro. One of them can main event on smackdown and if they bring back the WHC, well, that'll simply give more opportunity to these guys.
  10. It is pretty hilarious when people are like "diz guy is a 7x champion!". As if they Micheal Jordan'd those "fake" Championships.
  11. Saying the wrestlers don't care about title runs is sorta disingenuous, at best. The titles are important on a number of levels, even if we're just looking at what they mean to a guy's career and position in the wrestling public's imagination.

    By the way, I don't remember HHH saying anything about "fake championships". The only guy I remember pulling that one out was Hogan.

    (Note: not saying HHH didn't say it; I just don't remember it but remember Hogan's very public...well, as public as a TNA broadcast gets, anyway...and boneheaded statement about the Dudleyz "fake championships".)

    To the OP, I'd love to see another ADR MITB run (it also gets Punk off of that "only guy to win MITB twice" schtick). His first one was excellent and ADR is a tremendous wrestler.

  12. Holding a belt means bigger paychecks. All the champions get champions bonuses on their checks.
  13. yeah man, they don't even care! They worked their entire life for what? Fake championships? Pfff, how gay, am I right? Working their entire life and putting a shit ton of effort in when it's not even real, guys! They're breaking their bodies for nothing, wrestling is fake! Hasn't Owens gotten the memo yet? Smh..

    If someone is good at their job and better than most others because of the work and effort they put in to get to that level, they deserve some level of recognition for their efforts over the years. You can't get a promotion in wrestling like you would with other jobs, so they just reward you with a bigger paycheck and a championship to add to your value, to make more money and be a bigger draw. If you honestly think a guy like Kevin Owens, who has worked his fucking ass off to get to the spotlight that he's in now, would look at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in his hands after winning it for example and be like ''man, what is this gay fake shit smh I don't care I want money'', you're obviously not the smartest in the family.
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  14. Championships aren't real. Lol. What kind of silly a**hole walks around town with a championship on his shoulder and thinks he's a big shot?

    "Hey guys, look at this cool belt on my shoulder! Even though I'm a fat f*ck named Kevin Owens the last thing I look like is a total dou*he, huh?"
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  15. If I was Kevin Owens and won the title that I've been fighting to get my whole life, I'd wear it around places. Brock brought his title to a restaurant shortly after he won it and he was wearing it all over.

    I'm sorry but if you win the WWE WHC it does count for something. It mean that as of that moment you're the best in the sport. You're the top dog.
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  16. who even said anything about wearing a huge golden belt on the street? If you're a ''fake'' champion, you get ''real'' rewards and the office trusts you enough to give you the biggest ''fake'' prize in wrestling. It's a sign that WWE thinks you're one of the best, if not the best, in the world of wrestling. That's big. It's not about the fact that ''wrestling is fake so winning belts don't matter''.

    Also, very cool stuff with the censoring right there. The pinnacle of hardcore.
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  17. The way I judge it is by asking myself "who looks good running down the ramp?". Or who looks good with it? Who has some momentum going into the match?
    And, I see no one who has any of that here. None of the competitors are convincing winners though. Owens has been doing nothing out the ordinary. Zayn and Owens should be in a separate match. Ambrose is a bit all of a sudden. I'm still getting used to Cesaro's "00-Swing" gimmick. And Chris Jericho is, a bit too old for my liking.

    Forgive me if I have somehow forgotten people. But the participants looked like they were thrown together unplanned. All mid carders who don't have a lot going for them. And since MITB pretty much means guaranteed champ. I don't see anyone convincing as champ. Or the main champ.

    If AJ wasn't feuding with Cena he could've and should've been in this match.

    The problem here is there are no main eventers. No big names atm.

    What bugs me is most of that people a month ago were chasing the IC title.

    Oh yeah. I just remembered Del Rio. Tbh, he's the dark horse going into it. The one we don't want to win but might just win it, boosting him to the title picture.
  18. Gonna kinda try to make a small list to kinda show who can win MITB:

    1. Dean Ambrose has been in a feud with Chris Jericho, not because they want to push Ambrose necessarily, but because they had nothing for the both of them, so they just put them together in a program to kinda get Ambrose more over. Unfortunately, Asylum matches don't work that well. He's normally in the segments that occur in the middle of the show. I don't think WWE mis-trusts him, but if they wanted him as a main eventer and a champion in the future, I'd think that they'd try to position him more as a top guy. Now, ofcourse, him having the briefcase would make for a cool Shield-scenario, but that's more ''dream booking'' than anything.

    2. Chris Jericho, like I already have said, has been in a meaningless feud with Dean Ambrose where he was on the losing end a couple of times. He's 47 now and he's already made. He doesn't need the title, he needs to put younger guys over and have some quality matches. He wouldn't be able to handle the Money in the Bank, as it's a way to get young stars over and chances are that he's probably gonna go back touring with Fozzy in a couple of months. He's not full-time.

    3. Alberto del Rio is such a failure. Nothing that he does makes him deserving of a main event push, and I'm sure that WWE sees that. There's just nothing for him, and if he gets the Money in the Bank, I can see the ratings drop the same way they dropped when Sheamus held the title.

    4. Cesaro is cool and reasonably over, but I feel like he's just come back and isn't over enough to be the face of the entire company. He should get his moment against The Miz at SummerSlam hopefully, as he would make a good IC Champion, but he's just not being booked that well. He comes off as a star a lot more than he used to, but I don't think his new ''cool suit guy 007'' gimmick is established enough to be giving him such a huge object as the MITB, not to mention that he got pinned twice on the last two PPV's by The Miz.

    5. Sami Zayn is really talented and he's really over anyways, but he just came from NXT like 3 months ago, not to mention that he lost his first singles match on PPV to Kevin Owens. He's not been on the main roster long enough to win that briefcase.

    6. Kevin Owens is my personal pick to win the MITB. He's been in a lot of opening segments with Shane and Stephanie, to make him look like a bigger star. He's beaten Zayn clean, he's beaten Styles clean, and he's always been positioned as being the biggest star of the four guys in the IC title match from Extreme Rules. It was obvious for me that him losing the title meant that he was going to bigger and better things, and hopefully, that's winning the Money in the Bank ladder match. With the hype and the way they're probably gonna build up Owens a lot more when he does have the briefcase similar to how they did with Rollins, I'm sure that he'd fit that main event picture amazingly.
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  19. I think him holding the briefcase would be funny/entertaining though, I can picture him bashing his head with it. In before that actually happens... I hope it does. Would make such a good GIF.
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  20. This argument about how these "titles" are "fake" is so retarded. You're a wrestling fan, on a wrestling forum elaborating on how titles are "fake". If you're gonna explain how the very foundation of wrestling is fake and useless then you're obviously watching the wrong thing or you're just being a cynical asshole. And I don't see how people think wrestlers don't care about the titles. Why exactly are these guys destroying themselves? Why do boxers bash their brains in? So they can be recognized as the best. Same reason why wrestlers do it. They want to be the best at their profession and the money ain't bad either. If they are the best, then holding a title in their promotion shows that they worked hard enough to be given the status as the face of a company. Being the face of one promotion is better than being the face of another, but I would personally be honored to be told that I am good enough to carry an entire organization. And what person whether it be boxing, MMA or wrestling carries their title around the city?

    Anyways, as I continue this book, I will be talking to people who actually understand the concept of "suspension of disbelief". Dean Ambrose shouldn't win it because he wouldn't need it to be elevated to the next level, along with Cesaro. They are easily the top candidates for a Rumble win and subsequent title shot in the next 5 years, but it wouldn't look bad on their resumé or their character evolution, but I personally feel that the Money in the Bank should be used to push people who you wouldn't expect to main event WrestleManias. I'm talking about Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Jericho. Owens would be a great heel holder and would add to his incredible list of accolades and would be the final step to pushing him to the World title scene. Zayn would be the best face option and it would attribute to his character and career, in a good way. Jericho is a good option since he was the man who, in kayfabe, invented the idea and it could be a good way to tap off his dwindling career. Basically it would be a good nostalgia run, but that would kind of defeat the purpose that I think the Money in the Bank serves.
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