Night of Champions Ambrose slated for NoC

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  1. Source: Cageside Seats

    Looks like I'll be watching NoC now.
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  2. Awesome to hear they're still having him planned to come back.. when I read that they took him off the advertisements and such I had some doubt they he may not make it but I hear they're ahead of schedule on where they originally though they would be come this weekend in regards to his filming with Lockdown so it does make sense he would make the "surprise" return.. Idk if I'll be watching it or not.. chances are yes seeing as the Sunday night football game is one I have zero interest in.. I hope they make it a good one!
  3. They actually finished filming on set earlier today.
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  4. Nice, I know when I was looking at it yesterday they said they were looking to finish within the next day or two as opposed to a mid Saturday or early Sunday finish as they had scheduled.
    It definitely seems more likely than not that Dean will indeed show up to make the save.
  5. More than half of Seth Rollins matches these days have fluky conclusions. How anti-climactic?
    However, Ambrose is worth going out of your way to book.
  6. Oh, thank God.
  7. Welcome back, Dean......this thread makes me horny.
  8. Kinda easy to figure out this is where and how he'd return, but whatever, it'll be great to have Ambrose back. His rivalry with Rollins is one of the few bright spots on the show.
  9. inb4 they change plans because this news came out

    inb4 someone says this is a Deth post
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