Ambrose Vs Rollins stipulation Idea

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Green Jesus, Jul 11, 2014.

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    Now, I know probably a lot of you guys thought of this already, but what if:

    After being repeatdly screwed over, Rollins and Ambrose decide to have a match to decide it all: A Carreer vs Briefcase match. Now, I know this may sound a little cliché and over-used, but it maybe a reasonable road to go due to the various possibilities it could ensue. For example:

    A) Rollins beats Ambrose, and Ambrose is therefore fired from wwe. He may return a few months later as a surprise signing from a babyface general manager(Sting or Ric flair, maybe?). After returning, he could enter in another storyline, or he could maybe freshen up the feud by:

    A1) Screwing Rollins out of his title match, effectivly making him the third man to fail a cash in attempt.

    A2) Feud with a already champion Rollins after a succesful cash in, becoming number one contender.

    A3) Now this may seem like a cheap curveball, but it is still a possibility. Ambrose could return and screw the current champion, making sure Rollins cashes in succesfully, therefore becoming a member of the Authority(Assuming the authority angle is still in place)

    Now for the other way the match could go:

    B) Ambrose wins the briefcase and becomes the new Mr. MITB, resulting in either:

    B1) Ambrose becomes WWEWHC and continues feuding with rollins for the title.

    B2) Ambrose gets screwed out of his title opportunity, therefore becoming the third man to ever fail at a cash in.

    These are just a few examples of how things could go down after the match of course. So, what do you guys think? Would a match with this stipulation put some asses on seats, is any of the suggestion worth a try, if so, when would you prefer it to take place? If not, please leave your thoughts as to how you would book the current feud and why
  2. I am particulary interested in @Wacokid27 and @Dolph'sZiggler take in this, seeing as you two may provide me with different perspectives
  3. *career
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  4. I'm sorry, it's not my native language
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  5. I see no reason why Ambrose would put his career on the line.
    He is willing to do put his body through he** because he loves to perform.
    He feels betrayed by Rollins and his sole goal at the moment is to be sure Rollins doesn't cash in.
    If he loses his career, he can't prevent Rollins from cashing the briefcase.
  6. But then storyline-wise he is a lunatic willing to risk it all, not to mention the points. Said that, maybe his thirst for revenge(it would be quite damaging to seth rollins to lose the briefcase altogether) and his pride(seth rollins could be the one issuing the challenge) would get in the way of his self-preservation, like so many babyfaces before him that faced a similar dilema in feuds that involved carreer-risking matches.

    That was my thought process, and I can see the commentary booth selling this to make it more beliavable
  7. You're confusing being a lunatic with being stupid.
    It's a misconception that many people have.
    It would be stupid of him to put his career on the line in his first match with Seth Rollins.
    Being mentally ill isn't the absence of intelligence.
    This all goes back to why I was against Rollins being the brains.

    Just because a person isn't mentally ill doesn't mean they aren't capable of inspiring or having great intelligence.
  8. Mentally ill people are erratic and impulsive, not necessarily stupid, that's true. But we will always assume that ambrose has confidence in his abilities and would do anything to hurt rollins. I mean, shawn michaels and the undertaker carreer match happened kayfabe-wise due to a similar obsession on HBK's part, and in no moment I thought shawn was being stupid for it. What I'm trying to say is, ambrose has the chance to completely fuck up his worst enemy's life AND fulfill all his dreams with the briefcase, it does seems like a reasonable gamble, seeing as it would be hard to convince the Authority of giving Ambrose this opportunity otherwise.
  9. You're still forgetting that this is their FIRST match. HBK put his career on the line in the second match (after a very lengthy career).
    I wouldn't call it a 'similar obsession' either. The Streak was a hallowed landmark that tested each opponent both soul and body
    Almost twenty people (considering '98 Kane and '04 Kane had differing abilities) had failed to conquer the Streak.
    Legends fell to the streak but HBK's obsession grew out of the fact he (HBK) was Mr. WrestleMania and Taker was 18-0.

    It's premature to point in the feud to even consider putting his career on the line.
    At no point, has Ambrose appeared depressed or melancholy for Rollins actions.
    Ambrose animosity is toward Rollins. I doubt its torturing him to the level you might believe it is.
  10. Even though I believe that with some fancy writing it could work, I see your point
  11. It isn't impossible. The angle could be written that way.
    Let's say, throughout the course of the feud The Authority randomly sacks Ambrose and beats him unconscious.
    The first match ends with Ambrose getting pinned after a beat down (with unconscious ref).
    Ambrose wins the second contest due to disqualification after being hit with the briefcase.
    If this happened enough times, by the third match in the series, Ambrose may lose his will to fight.
    Getting hammered would take its toll mentally since a)Rollins hasn't lost the briefcase b) Ambrose hasn't pinned him and c) Being assaulted isn't getting him closer to his goal

    If you wrote the angle out similar to that, I could see you pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
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  12. I could live with that, 3 matches seems spot on
  13. No way should their first match involve any type of stipulation. The preliminary match of a feud should never involve stipulations outside of a few rare exceptions because stips are always a great way of raising the stakes for the second match and so forth. A good many feuds don't even invoke them until the feud reaches its third match.

    That said, I like the idea of a Career vs Briefcase match between the two, and what I'd do is book their match at Battleground to end in a DQ or a No Contest, and then have their rematch at Summerslam center around this stipulation. This type of stip is best fitted for a big event like Summerslam than a B-PPV like Battleground.

    As to how I would book it from there, Ambrose losing his job and then going to extreme attempts to coerce The Authority into rehiring him would be perfectly suited for his anti-establishment character and could only help to get him more over than he already is. Stone Cold kidnapped Vince McMahon back in the day after he fired him and threatened to blow Vince's brains out on live television if he didn't give him his job back. Obviously Ambrose can't go that far, but there's still plenty of things he can do to fuck with WWE until they cave into his demands:

    -Sneaking into the arena by any means necessary (jumping through the crowd, coming from underneath the ring, etc.) to keep preventing Rollins from cashing in and then getting arrested afterwards, always reminding Seth that he'll be back at it as soon as he makes bail.

    -Threatening to physically harm any referee who agrees to count the pinfall for Rollins when he decides to cash-in. This could even be something that is carried over from Summerslam if his screw-job loss there involves being screwed by a dirty referee that's been paid off by The Authority, ala Scott Armstrong at Night Of Champions 2013. Ambrose could whoop the holy hell out of this particular referee, and then say that all the other officials can look forward to the same treatment if they agree to count the pinfall for Seth. Ambrose assures them all that even if he can't get to them inside the arena, he can still find them on the outside of it. Imagine if Rollins has a weakened Cena at his mercy and has the perfect opportunity to cash in, but none of the referees dare to come out, and as Rollins screams towards the back for a referee to run out, Cena recovers and whips him around and hits him with the AA, thus blowing his perfect chance to become champion. This is resolved the very next week when Hunter tells them all that they're fired if they ever refuse to do their jobs again, and that he'll request private security for each of them to ensure that Ambrose doesn't harm them.

    -Seth can't technically cash in without his briefcase, so perhaps Ambrose steals it and it's this that proves to be the tipping point that eventually gets Ambrose his job back. Seth pleads with Hunter and Stephanie that they have to reinstate him (believing that he won't destroy the briefcase if he is rehired, since he would know that would get him fired all over again.) Or maybe he ends up destroying the briefcase anyway, and it's McMahon himself in a brief appearance that reinstates Ambrose, saying that a madman like him on the roster is what's "best for business." With Rollins' contract destroyed and the Rumble coming up soon, Rollins realizes that winning the Rumble is what he must now do if he wants a title shot.

    Just a few quick ideas that could result from this.
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  14. I never meant it as a match on Battleground or as a Short-term idea, it was more of a idea to freshen up the feud down the road. I liked your take on this, gave me some food for thought
  15. Hopefully Ambrose will defeat Rollins at BattleGround, getting revenge and earning a shot at the briefcase. In a ladder match at SummerSlam, Rollins retains his MITB contract to end the feud.
  16. Well, Ambrose being fired would indeed open up some good booking possibilities that would go hand to hand with his character. I'm not really a fan of the briefcase switching hands or anything, but putting it on the line would to go against Dean's job would be alright.
  17. WWE should invest in this feud and extend it to three matches. Rollins heat is very hot so he should win the first match with a pin due to outside interference and a knocked out ref.

    The referees could go on strike because of this and regain their integrity (due to the Armstrong/Bryan saga). Their union would, in effect' force a rematch between Ambrose and Rollins for Summer slam. I've already posted this idea, so I won't go further.

    This is a great secondary feud, on paper, that cause immediate interest. Given their background and ability, it warrants at least three matches.
  18. They can always add a NO DQ stipulation and have Rollins win, due to interference by The Authority. That'd only heat up the feud that could go on for a good amount of time and end up at either SummerSlam or NoC.
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