News Amell vs Stardust @ Summerslam?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, May 31, 2015.

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  2. Meh, don't care.
  3. That Arrow guy.
  4. Goldust should be Stephen Amell's trainer and come out with him to the ring and teach him how to use the 'Cross Rhodes'.
  5. Oh, some guy from a show I don't watch. What a celebrity...
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  6. Celebrities have no business actually wrestling in a match. I mean them appearing on the show every once in a while is okay, but putting them in the ring for a match, no. They're overstaying they're welcome as far as I'm concerned.
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  7. Casey Jones in the new TMNT haha.

    He's considered one of the most popular uprising stars of the last 5 years and he's a HUGE wrestling fan.
  8. I skimmed past all of this guy's segments on last Monday's Raw, so I'm not likely to give a fuck about some match between he and Stardust on PPV. The fact that they're throwing him in there with someone as low on the card as Stardust (who barely even wins matches anymore) says it all.
  9. lol he's been jobbing out to R-Truth like crazy in the past couple weeks at house shows.. finally picked up a win after like 3 weeks against Zack Ryder yesterday.
  10. Out of all possible celebrity cross overs, this is one of those I'd cringe the least against
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  11. I generally don't care about 98% of the people they choose to book, I'm not their target demographic.
  12. On a separate note, I think Stardust and R-Truth could make a pretty interesting tag team if they were to throw them together. They'd find a lot of compatibility with one another given they're both very eccentric individuals (albeit in different ways)...
  13. If this actually happens at SummerSlam and Amell goes over Stardust, I'm gonna LOL so hard.
  14. Only if he keeps his show 's gimmick.
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