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It looks like the American Alpha team is done for good after Jason Jordan was revealed to be Kurt Angle child on Monday’s episode of RAW.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Jason Jordan will receive a solid midcard level push on the RAW brand and will not be returning to the SmackDown Live brand. His former American Alpha partner Chad Gable will not be making the switch to RAW anytime in the near future either, so the team is basically done at this point.

In regards to the on-air relationship between Kurt and Jason, it’s being said that the two are expected to have lengthy storyline over the next few months as the Olympic athlete tries to be a father figure for Jason.

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Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis
Is it me or does it seem like the WWE is trying to destroy its own tag division?

Unless Vince just wants to clear the playing field so the Authors of Pain can be
drafted to the main roster and squash everyone.

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