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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. No but seriously, what are your guys' thoughts on the recent talk of gay athletes in the NFL/NBA?

    Kerry Rhodes was outed by a bitter ex lover

    though he denies it.

    Now today Jason Collins, NBA bench warmer, comes out of the closet

    To my knowledge he is the first player to come out while still being active, and I applaud him for it. He isn't high profile by any means, but hopefully his bravery will encourage others in similar situations to come out. It is a shame that (what I imagine to be a decent amount of players) so many feel they have to 'stay in the closet' for fear of repercussions of coming out.

    Collins is a free agent this summer.. will be interesting to see what GM gives him a chance.
  2. Couldn't care less. What people put in their ass in their own homes is up to them. As long as he shows up and plays 100% it doesn't matter.
  3. It's not about caring that the athletes are gay. It is about people being accepted for who they are by society. It is bullshit to me that we live in a place in 2013 America that can't accept simple things like some people have a different sexual orientation than they do.
  4. I'm sure a city with a large gay community will give him a chance. Golden State/New York/Toronto
  5. Ewww, no. I don't want his ass.

    Not because he is gay, he is just a shitty player :adr:
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  6. You can market him to the gay community and make more money. You know the owners would love to have all the gay people sporting Warriors gear.
  7. He isn't marketable because he is a bench warmer. I doubt they even make Jason Collins jerseys.

    And plenty of people in the Bay rock Warriors gear. Do you see the crowds we get at Oracle? We don't need gimmicks to gain fan support. Sounds like an idea for Toronto, though. YOu may pitch the idea to them.
  8. :okay:
  9. The problem is a lot of athletes are meat heads who only got through college because of their athletic abilities. Also, a lot of athletes, especially those brought up in the Southern US are brought up with a lot of religious influences. Unfortunately, preachers and parents tend to use books from THOUSANDS of years ago to spread hate for gays.
  10. We had a football player over here out himself two years ago. Pretty talented guy named Anton Hysen, son of Swedish football icon Glenn Hysén. A media storm was of course born but it was surprisingly positive since the main discussion that was born was how homosexual people were treated in sports.

    But this is a touchy subject in any male dominated business I guess.
  11. Mike Wallace is clearly just one moron, but his ignorant tweet actually speaks for many many others who don't have the platform like Wallace's to voice said bigotry.

    Idk. I wish it weren't a big deal, but unfortunately before it can became not a big deal, it has to be a big deal. If you have a vocal minority (who disapprove of homosexuality) and a quiet majority (who think it is fine) that won't work. You need people who are fine with it to come out and say there is nothing wrong with it.
  12. Except wrestling where they all do gay shit to each other :vince:

    no more vince smiley [​IMG]
  13. How many gay pro wrestlers are out in the open? In football we have 2 high profile guys who are openly gay. Anton Hysén and a Brit named Justin Fashanu. In wrestling I know of Pat Patterson and that's it basically. Though I do suspect that Davey Richards takes it up the ass. #lolnotreally
  14. Openly gay? Not many. But if you like rumors you can find 1000000 rumors going around about X wrestler having some gay relations. I doubt there is no truth to any of it. Wrestling to me is (or at least was) seemingly like ancient Rome. Big muscley dudes just like the company of other big muscley dudes. I guess if that is how they have fun more power to them.
  15. Didn't Rico come out? I'm pretty sure he did. It wasn't just a gimmick.
  16. Rico is married with kids.

    Here's a BBC article about the footballer I was talking about.
  17. Didn't someone come out recently, and is now subject to lots of gay chants from his own fans? Swear it's a Millwall player or something. Dunno, but yeah, this is great that someone has come out. How anyone is closed minded enough for someone's sexuality to bother them is beyond me.
  18. I think it might be the fact that a lot of the people who cry out against gays are bi-curious or gay themselves. They try to hide it by slamming the ones who come out publicly. I'd imagine if you have conservative parents/friends you wouldn't want them to find out. Thus they put up a wall of hate to keep their real feelings on the inside.
  19. Or they're just all from the south.

    There are a lot of die hard straight people out there who are just too closed minded to understand that some people do not find the opposite sex attractive, and that it isn't their choice. A lot of them are probably in denial as well, but most are just ignorant idiots.
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