Theories American Politics in 25 years

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  1. Do you think U.S. Presidential Candidates in 2040 will be celebrities? Donald Trump is no doubt setting a trend, and now Kanye wants to run for President, as does Will Smith.

    Americans already worship celebrities, so they would definitely vote for them. Thanks to media, our politics has become all about entertainment, and little about actual policy.
  2. Pfff... There wont be puppets... I mean presidents in 2040.
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  3. Rich celebrities becoming president? Sure, why not.

    I know for sure that Oprah could become president if she wanted to. Like, 100% absolutely fucking sure she could win it. But let's be honest, who would want to become president? Seems like such a shitty job even for the power-hungry.
  4. When was the presidential race about policy? In our lifetime at least.

    It's not about who's smarter, works better or can handle pressure. It's about who can yell loud enough to attract an audience. Obama attracted the dejected middle-class with optimism and big promises. Trump is attracting dejected racist, conservative, xenophobes with promises of dejecting everyone but them.

    It's simple. Kanye will be ripped apart. I mean Trump has had 30+ years of experience in business. Kanye is just a guy who thinks he's jesus. Then there's people who will cheer him on, either for the fun of it or just to feed into the trend.
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