American Sports E-Betting Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. ITT I will post the games & lines available for betting each day. For the time being it will probably just be the NBA playoffs, unless I find people are genuinely interested in other sports for example NHL playoffs (which I don't follow but would run bets if anyone is interested) and the MLB regular season.

    Of course once football season rolls around I will have major college football games available to bet on and probably all NFL games.

    I'll probably also do combat sports in this thread so boxing/MMA fans keep an eye out for that.
  2. 4/29/13 Available Games

    Nets are favored by 5.5.

    Hawks/Pacers- Hawks a slight home favorite, pretty even odds

    Thunder/Rockets- OKC is a slight home favorite over Houston, who must win to keep their season alive.

    Note: On games with super tight spreads ie less than two I will probably just post winners/losers. when spreads are larger, 3+, I'll give the option to bet the spread or ML.
  3. Do we really need a thread for this?
  4. I will fucking murder your family pussy. Go the fuck away
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  5. You going hard on OKC, huh? Thought about putting something on them but I could see Houston last standing this and picking up the win tonight before bowing out in game 5.

    I've been running hot in the playoffs, made a killing on SA over LAL yesterday, but I may sit these ones out. I might talk myself into Indiana before they tip.
  6. Even if Westbrook is injured I cannot de harden leading his team to the victory. 1.82 was a really good wage for OKC and i have no faith on Houston.
  7. BOL, I'll probably avoid that one. Still trying to find an edge in Indiana/Atlanta. I want to bet on the Pacers but I've been running so clean I don't want to mess it up forcing myself to play games on nights like tonight where nothing really jumps out at me.
  8. True. Hawks and pacers are playing on the same level and its hard to predict who will win tonight . I'm just giving myself a reason to watch raw . You know what they say. No risk, no win
  9. Indiana won comfortably in the first two games and Atlanta destroyed them in game 3. I like Indiana to bounce back because they are more talented and can dominate games with their defense and rebounding.
  10. You should set up a "who will win the nab championship" and "who will win the regular season MVP" bet
  11. Both are too easy lol. I could set up the NBA Title odds if people want. MVP is too easy though. LBJ will win it.
  12. Lebron GOAT but who knows lol
  13. I'll find some odds on NBA Champions and post that. LBJ is winning MVP though. Not just handing out free cash for people lol

    Also, i went ahead and put the forum cash on Indiana. Still not sure if I'll put any real money on it, though I'm still debating it.
  14. I can see a SAS vs Miami at the finals
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