American Wolves to performance center

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Nov 19, 2013.

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    So to quote the wolves, The hunt is on (I guess) for that WWE contract.

  2. :obama: hope it works out for them. Wolves vs Ascension could be great.
  3. The Wolves with some NXT reprogramming can be great. Especially if they are hooked up with a good mouth piece. Problem is who....
  4. :woo1: ?
  5. I don't see that meshing that well. They should play to the pure athleticism of the Wolves to start with in my opinion. Put them up as martial artists/wrestlers. Think Team Angle meets MMALesnar and let them develop characters from there. Had Angle been around he would have been perfect and they could have been Team Angle 2.0
  6. I was kidding, lol. Out of everyone available, Heyman makes sense. He's in need of some new blood as well. No reason he can't show up on NXT for a bit.
  7. Update:

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  8. They could be a good addition to the tag team division.
  9. It would be awesome for them to be in WWE. Love the American Wolves and I'm an Eddie Edwards Mark.
  10. While not under contract to WWE, word is that Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards will be appearing at the NXT TV tapings this Thursday night from Full Sail University. They haven’t gone through the drug testing or the medical testing that WWE requires when signing talents but WWE is going to use them in NXT.
  11. Doesn't sound legit. Unless they're talking about a dark match.
  12. Hope this works out well for them
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  13. Was a TV match. Vs the Ascension. They were called the American Pitbulls. Also not a squash.
  14. Second pic from the match:
  15. [​IMG] Either he means wrestling for WWE or signing, I think them being signed is pretty much in the bag.
  16. Well, I am surprised then.
  17. They have changed their names
    Davey Richards: Rich Davidson
    Eddie Edwards: Edward Eddies
  19. Eric Philbin?!?!? :eww:
  20. Turrible but expected I doubt they have the charisma to get over, great workers though..
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