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  1. I'm wanting to move to either America/Canada or Spain when I'm older. Believe it or not I'm actually a big fan of the American lifestyle, though I think I'm more likely to move to Canada if I were to head west. Also, Spain, well I'm half Spanish, I have family there and the country is pretty awesome to live in.

    Either way, I'll be leaving this shithole UK as fast as I possibly can, and I'm sort of interested in what the American lifestyle is like. I know the obvious stuff, but what's it like getting jobs out there? What's the main differences between America and Canada? Is there tons of insects (wigga I hate those insects)?
  2. Eat a shit load of takeaways and shoot people because gun laws are stupid. Then chill in the sun eating more food.

    What a life.
  3. :facepalm1:
  4. Fap to porn
    Ear cheeseburgers
    Soccer is soccer
    Slap bitches
    Drive horrible and get away with it
    Offend everybody
  5. UK is fine.
  6. Move to the west coast of Canada. B.C. is supposed to be really boss. It's crossed my mind to head North before, but seeing as I hate hockey and the CFL is a joke, I don't think that will work out considering my career path I'm going down.
  7. I was thinking more of the free spirit beaching it up sort of lifestyle. That lifestyle you posted is all choice. America has a ton of resources to go out and have fun safely.

    Really? I'm from the UK and I'm defending the US here lol. A lifestyle is your choice which you base around the environment and restrictions. America is filled with awesome environments and it's a "free country" filled with entertaining places. Your government is still the most corrupt assholes in the world but they wouldn't stop me having fun.




    Most likely where I'll be going, Canada. Everyone I know loves it there. They call it the clean safe version of America. Out of curiosity what career path you going down?
  8. Nothing wrong with UK #firstworldproblems

    or maybe everything is wrong.. haven't watched the news in a few years.
  9. UK is decent. Just the weather.
  10. You serious? We have identical career paths...

    Eventually I'd want this as my career but yeah, sports media ftw.
  11. Yea I'm in school now to get my degree in sports media relations. Plan to be a journalist, broadcaster, or columnist or maybe all of the above.
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  12. Awesome, good luck.
  13. Canada = Pussy lifestyle

    America= Rednecks, foreigner gangs, gangs, neighborhoods, getting a job in America feels like you completely earned it but Canada probably has a lesser unemployment rate.
  14. fuck canada. come to us.
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  15. You can actually tell at times, your reviews although comical do show signs of being an interesting article.
  16. Really? I sort of view them as an unorganized mess with me just writing what comes to mind as I watch the show with no real structure or flow. The closest I've come to actually trying to do a good write up on this forum is probably some of the previews I've done in my UFC threads. I think it would be a sweet gig to catch on somewhere as a UFC beat writer; being such a new sport I think it would be a lot easier to break into that subsection of the sports media as opposed to the NFL or NBA which are already media powerhouses.
  17. I find Canada more safer. (From a Canadian)
    The weather is nice.
    The girls are hot. (Trish Status) :fap:
    Yada Yada Yada.
    Not saying America does not have those either.
    Just safer here up north.

  18. There are plenty of 'safe' places in America just like I'm sure there are some ghettos in Canada
  19. Journalists FTW.


    This. For no particular reason, I feel the need to bash Canada and tell you to come to the good ole' U.S. of A., because we're way cooler and junk. :emoji_wink:
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