Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jonathan, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Live tonight from 2am on Sky Sports 1, Amir Khan defends against unbeaten Danny Garcia.

    Danny Garcia is undefeated going into this bout, will Amir Khan be his first loss?


    Personally I say either 9th round TKO or Khan via points.
    Anyone else watching this?

    Stream? : PM me!

  2. Khan won't knock him out imo, but I think he'll win. Khan is a class act in the ring. So fast, so technical. Reminds me of Nick Diaz, he probably won't knock you out but he'll hit so many of his punches that you're just fucked.
  3. I think you have a fair point there.
    But I just get a feeling of a KO. :win:
  4. It's got pretty personal the feud which makes things so much better. What time is the actual fight starting? Cba for build.
  5. Event starts 2am, Khan fight I'm guessing about 4am.
  6. Amir Khan FTW

    #Culturalsimiliarities :pity:
  7. Fight starting now!
  8. What a round from Khan.
  9. Khan is so fucking fast! Also dirt low blow by Garcia :finger:


    Christ this round got stopped like 4 times already...
  10. That fat spaz is bleeding.
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  11. JR: And now he's bleeding above his riggghhhh eyghhhee.



  12. God damn.
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  13. And that's that.

    4th round TKO win for Garcia...
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