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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you....



    I'm a wrestling fan that has a decent internet connection and lots of time. I've streamed more than 1974.03 hours in the past 3 months. I will add that this has been a multitude of games from actual consoles; n64, ps, ps2,ps3 games; all wrestling related. My official FACEBOOK page has a list of games we stream when we don't stream an episode of AMPRO.

    WTF is AMPRO??

    Glad you asked. AMPRO is a simulated Wrestling E-Federation within WWE12 (PS3). We currently house about 10-13 people with varied superstars. We have a set of Tag Team titles, a mid-card title and a World title. We can be found on FACEBOOK
    We also have a SHOW INTRO, mockup vignette's and debut trailers for fun. Our youtube page can be found here.

    WHY are you on my Forums!?

    I would like to shamelessly promote and extend Tryouts for new superstars. We are looking to extend our current roster a great deal. We hold shows once to twice a week and thoughts of doing one big PPV type ordeal once a month. I never knew people were interested in this type of thing, I'm use to making e-fed's up alone in my apt.


    ANY CAW created on the PS3 console and uploaded to the CC can be added to the E-fed.
    We like to keep our CAW's OVERALL at 87; for now and a min. of 3 ABILITES PER CAW.

    If you do NOT HAVE A PS3, you can PM me the details of your character and we will make him for you.
    Please send us the full Physical setup of your character and the moveset you would like. Also, include basic Entrance and theme music. (links to custom music, if used)


    We are looking for the BEST way possible to incorporate a ranking system. We want to go on win/loss records but this is not how we do things currently. As of now, we all join chat at either LIVESTREAM or TWITCH and play our characters and pretty much pretend that we are in the locker room and a lot of time we joke abotu other wrestling related news; lots of heated arguments, ridiculous jokes and fun is had by all. We have a General Manager who has been created within our E-fed who joins us in Chat and makes matches and plays a very big role in how that episode plays out.


    Storylines come about and are made up within chat between the CAW's creators. Talking a lot of trash to a particular user, may have our GM setup some sort of match for the two of them later in the night. Its always spontaneous and open to the users to create feuds/matches/gimmicks/stipulations; the general manager helps enforce those setups and he is always in character. So be careful how you speak to him.

    You have a lot of information above, we are just getting started and are welcoming new users. We have some steam building up, we even have an UN-OFFICIAL dirt sheet page posting about us. In general its about fun and keeping those titles...oh, also, building new stars :emoji_wink:

    If you're interested in joining, just PM me here or contact me via Facebook. I'm always online (multiple/mobile devices) and we would love to debut some awesome talent.

    -AMPRO Owner


    Also, I guess I should mention that we have our own version of Money in the Bank. :emoji_grin:

  2. We just had out first no-PPV.

    Leave me some feed back. We filled our roster to 30 different/unique superstars tonight. We are looking for about 4-5 more individuals if anyone is interested.

    We officially made the move to pre-taped shows with announcers/stories/backstage antics. PPV was great. Be sure to check it out.
  3. We now have 48 unique CAWS (people from forums/sychtubes) and streaming pre-recorded shows EVERY Wednesday night. I have two spots left on the roster if anyone wants to get involved... Obviously, this place doesn't care :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    If there is anyone out there, I figured I'd get a hold of them somewhere.

  4. Well it's hard to advertise this here because we have our own EFed, not saying yours is bad or saying it's less in anyway, just saying that we have our own EFed here, so it's less trouble for those to be part of it here as oppose to going on another link and doing everything there while leaving this forum.
  5. That makes sense actually. I wasn't fully aware of that.

    If you are interested in watching our show LIVE, we are streaming gin 20 minutes here:
  6. Fed-X >>>
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  7. We are still going strong. We have about 40 episodes under our belt with our 6th PPV coming up. We had to form two separate brands in order to house everyone. I would like to invite you all to one of the shows tonight. 8PM EST

    I hope to see you there :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Id love to, but im just too good to lower myself to your standards.
  9. This never ends well. Sorry, I'm not against spreading the word (I had to do this myself), but without contributing anything to the forum it will result in flaming. A topic doesn't need to be bumped once a month just to receive flaming and sarcasm. That's not fair on you or me.
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