Amy Dumas (Lita) pregnant?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Theres a rumour going around since yesterday that Amy Dumas (Lita) is pregnant with Phill Brooks (CM Punk) baby. Ive seen it on my facebook account both have not confirmed or denied this and also both have been blocking people asking this on their twitter accounts. It does seem suspecious that they havent spoken out about this and instead blocked anyone who attempts to ask them about this. I wonder which news source will be the first to get the money shot photo of her showing the bump. If this is true then congrats to them and really they shouldnt hide this as its a great thing becoming a parent. And also since CM Punk isnt doing a full schedule as he used to it could mean he wants to settle down with Amy so this could explain the pregnancy. Both will make great parents
  2. It's not true. It was started by a Facebook page who wanted to see how gullible the IWC was.
    It worked.
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  3. One serious thread BLFFL starts and its fake.
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  4. I didn't care if it was real or not :haha:

    They could have said no themselves, but whatever.
  5. That would be awesome though a little CM Punk running around
  6. Not sure why we should care either way tbh.
  7. inb4 mae young is pregnant
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  8. inb4 John Cena is pregnant
  9. She better not be having the baby I am meant to have.

    Where are these reports, anyway? I googled and all I get are reports from years ago.
  10. Like someone else said, she probably thought some Facebook page was a legit source, lmao.
  11. Thank god, I usually take KKF's shit with a grain of salt, but, had to double check this one so I wouldn't punch Dumas in the stomach for no reason.
  12. I saw it reported on facebook. Also CM Punk was blasting the rumour on his twitter yesterday and he was blocking loads of people who were asking about this also Lita was doing the same. It really does make you wonder why they both would go to the trouble of blocking people on their twitter account instead of just saying its not truth or confirming it as I said before the truth will come out in the end when she starts showing someone will snap a pic of her and put it online so they may as well just announce it now

    Last night, we, the biggest independent wrestling page on facebook, did a small psychological experiment. What we did was post a totally stupid fake story. We didn't follow it up with any source, proofs or facts. A normal wise person would usually take a second and think 'what if it's fake'.

    But that didn't happen last night. Let me just show you in gist, what actually happened after we posted the news.

    Notice, this is just a small fraction of the people who bought this story and forwarded it without any confirmation. Some big pages fell victim to it too, including WWE Pros and fans and Pro Wrestling Zone.

    Now, we took a huge risk posting a fake news and that hurts our cred but do you have any idea why we did it? I'll tell you. Because we, being one of the leading pages for news and rumors, keep saying that DON'T BELIEVE EVERY SECOND NEWS LIKE IT CAME OUT OF VINCE'S MOUTH.

    Internet cannot be trusted. And we just played our part in showing that. Yesterday, we turned the internet upside down with a fake rumor about a person's private life that didn't need blowing this big.

    But hey, we are ready to play the bad guy. We are ready to lose our likes and we are ready to be hated if it helps teach you something.

    And at least we are good enough to not repost a fake news like some of these pages I linked above. lol

    So yes, this is us coming out and letting you know the entire post was fake. But our aim was your entertainment and having some fun in between. And since CM PUNK himself was forced to answer to our prank, you can just imagine how strong and big PWW is.

    We promise this wont happen again, and for whatever it's worth. We apologize. Like us, hate us, you can't argue that there is no one better than us.

    Thank you.


    -Pro Wrestling World on FB
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  14. You kidding me? CM Punk is no stranger to blocking someone on Twitter. He would block someone even if they just said the wrong thing. I've witnessed it happen before. I'm not really surprised you fell for the scandal.
  15. BrockLesnarFanForLife read this shit before you continue to embarrass yourself.
  16. Tldr : bunch of internet nerds confuse other internet nerds because sex is no fun.
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  17. Well lets just wait and see in a few months time if Lita is caught on camera looking really big. Also I would like to state for the record im a fan of both CM Punk and Lita for what they have gave us in WWE and I think its time for them to settle down they been dating for ages now
  18. I remember that page, and I;m not surprised they would do something like that. I unliked it because whenever I would go on Facebook, the admins would always be fighting, making drama and shit in public. Of course they are ready to play the bad guy, because they love drama.