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    PROVE AJ SUCK AND CAN'T WRESTLE! She fuckin people for a Push! :pipebomb:

  2. Because one person's opinion automatically makes something true.

    You are so smart, Gohan.
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  3. she fucks people wrestler she said she jay lael and she mostly bamening :vince:
  4. She just sounds bitter and jealous to be honest.
  5. Because you have solid facts to back it up, right?

    I swear, you are our intellectual savior. I wish I could be as smart as you.
  6. I don't wanna ruin this fantasy some people have but a fair few of divas will give head for pushes, it's the same in most entertainment mediums it seems. Also who cares? AJ can be dope and if she's down to take one for some tv time I can't blame her. Let's be honest if one of the blokes banged a woman and got a push we'd calm him a hero.. Look at edge his push to the main event was catapulted as he nailed Lita, not directly but it was the main pretense for the rated r character.
  7. :eww: who is that mastodon?
  8. Edge was on his way to the main event anyway.
  9. Whilst this was true his relationship with Lita was what really cemented him IMO, the real life heat helped him a lot. :obama:
  10. Of course. It also gave Matt Hardy a chance to prove he might have what it takes to main event but he proved otherwise. I still find amusement in how Hardy was the sympathetic baby face here but was allowed to get owned by Edge throughout the feud. Edge screwed and stole his girlfriend and when Matt tried to do something about it, Edge showed him who was boss and even sent him packing from Raw to Smackdown. I love when heels win feuds.
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  11. Agreed, when was the last time a heel actually won a main event feud in the WWE? The last I can think of is Punk in 09 against Hardy, Kane against Taker in 2010 actually is the last one. I'm probably forgetting someone but it's too rare (Henry against Orton I think),I understand faces should go over the majority of the time but letting a heel come out on top helps the next face who beats them look like a million bucks.
  12. Pretty sure the phrase "smart-mark" is actually sarcastic, coming from "we think we're smarter than we actually are". So basically this can be aimed at everyone...

    Oh, well, still made me laugh. +1
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  13. ...Punk/Ryback? Not cleanly, but still.
  14. We're that desperate we should probably count that, would Shield Vs Ryback count? It wasn't one on one but again I suppose it counts.
  15. Regardless of this woman's jealousy and bitterness towards AJ, AJ has a lot of talent on the mic and in the ring. From her back story it seems like she's done a ton to get to where she is now. She was poor and living in cars growing up and worked jobs to pay for her wrestling training. She hasn't had it easy and regardless of whether people think she gave sexual favors to get her recent success, she's still done a whole lot given how she started out.
  16. It counts. And Ryback did lose three separate tag team matches with partners (even taking the pinfall in the one that had Cena as his partner of all people) cleanly.
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  17. That why she never wrestler EVER!? She manger and is the GM! THAT ALL! SHE CAN'T WRESTLE! THAT WHY WRESTLING! And is why she not fending with her for the Diva Title b/c she CAN'T WRESTLE!
  18. Has Gohan ever watched AJ wrestle? She's actually pretty talented.
  19. The divas title which was held by Alicia Fox, Brie Bella and Kelly Kelly?It's hardly a hall of fame worthy class is it? Watch Sara Del Rey Gohan, she'll not make your pee pee happy but she'll make you happy to see her wrestle.
  20. Women suck cock for pushes????????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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