An Anus exploding death match, Seriously!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Joseph86, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Guys, came across a gross wrestling match type - An Anus exploding death match!!!!!
  2. so this is what Pop and Tsar do on the weekends... (I'm sorry for the imagery)
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  3. lol
  4. good freaking god
  5. I was plaining to do a triple threat exploding balls death match but you two dingleberrys do not own a set between ya. :pipebomb:
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  6. got more balls than your Mom :pipebomb:
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  7. Personally, I like testicle bursting super anus splitting death matches.
  8. This should be next mania main event. Roman vs cena in an anus exploding deathmatch!
  9. I have heard of breast implants bursting but anuses? :ohgod:
  10. The piranhas death match looksinteresting...
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