An Apology: Lashley Goes Radio Silent

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    Yesterday (Monday November 3rd), an article was to be posted on in regards to Lashley’s next move. The piece was to be posted at 12:00PM CST. After no response from Lashley, the piece was rescheduled to run at 5:00PM CST. Again, no response from Lashley, MVP or Kenny King after many attempts from TNA Headquarters in reaching out to the former Champion or those in his camp.

    In an attempt to bring you the most up to date and current articles, it was decided the piece would go up today at 12:00PM CST, however we still cannot reach Lashley, MVP or Kenny King. They have gone radio silent.

    Since losing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship last week to Bobby Roode, who was more than happy to talk to us, no one at TNA HQ has heard from Lashley, MVP or Kenny King. Outside of a few tweets and Lashley (@FightBobby) responded to a tweet from TNA President Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) saying that “someone must pay,” we haven’t heard from the trio at all.

    While they will all be at IMPACT this Wednesday night, we want to apologize to our audience for not having the interview we had planned with our former World Heavyweight Champion. Looks like everyone, us included, will need to tune into IMPACT tomorrow night at 9/8c on Spike for an update on this developing situation.


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