An Appropriate Ending For The Undertaker

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  1. If speculation is true that we'll end up witnessing to a rubber match between Brock Lesnar and Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 next year that results with the Undertaker retiring afterwards, then here is something that would make for an awesome little moment at the end of the match:

    Remember the ending of the Wrestlemania 26 main event between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels (where Michaels' career was on the line) when HBK knew he was done and didn't have any fight left in him, so he did Taker's throat-slashing symbol (which has long been Taker's own way of signaling to the crowd that he's about to hit the Tombstone Piledriver on his opponent) as a way of telling him to finish him off for good? It was a pretty pivotal moment considering HBK put his illustrious career on the line just to get another chance at ending the Streak, and yet when he realized by the end that he couldn't get it done and was a defeated man, for once we saw someone telling the Undertaker to put them down instead of the other way around.

    What if they replicated this same moment at the end of Brock and Taker's own match at WM32, but only this time around it's Taker who's the one telling his opponent (Lesnar) to finish him off for good? Taker keeps kicking out of F-5's and whatever else Brock is throwing at him, but he knows he doesn't have much left and that he's a beat man and so he, for the first and only time, signals his own demise. And since this is announced as the Undertaker's final match going in, we all know that that really is it for The Dead Man.

    Either that, or as a quick alternate idea, Brock does the throat-slashing symbol himself before hitting Taker with one final F-5. But I like the first idea better. It's even more meaningful considering Brock is the Streak-Killer and Taker's kayfabe toughest opponent in history as is.
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  2. :bodallas:

    I'm kind of expecting them do to just that.
  3. Seems like what will go down
  4. Bump.
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  5. How do you know all this?
  6. WrestleMania XXX was the best possible ending, but that's out of the question. I'd say Undertaker beating Lesnar in his hometown, to get revenge for all the loses, injuries and problems Lesnar has caused Undertaker since 2002. A great way to play out the greatest legend, actively competing today.
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  7. Lesnar needs to win he cant be seen to lose to an old man it should be a total beatdown
  8. He doesn't know for sure, but he would book it that way.
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  9. Just don't let Taker go over Lesnar for a final win. That is cheap shit.
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  10. Taker is old school and he will most likely go out on his back.
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  11. If Taker won his final match, then it should be over someone like Sting or John Cena, not Brock Lesnar. Taker beating Lesnar in his final match would be preposterous booking. Of course, Lesnar getting revenge on Taker for his cheap victory by beating him one final time in his home-state of Texas probably isn't the wisest idea in the world either, but I'm not the one booking this stuff.
  12. Well, they could use this to make Lesnar hated again. If he were to be super-disrespectful after winning I can imagine Texas going apeshit.
  13. WWE aren't gonna remain in Texas forever.
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  14. Even if the heat stayed in texas(I doubt it), I think it would be fun to see Lesnar being a heel in texas and a god everywhere else, like shawn was to montreal.
  15. Or how Bret was to America during the USA/Canada feud in 1997 (he was still pretty much beloved everywhere else but in the States.)

    To be honest, if Lesnar beating the Streak wasn't enough to make him universally hated, I don't think defeating Taker in his last match and disrespecting him afterwards would be either. Hell, even dumping Paul Bearer's ashes on top of Taker in the aftermath of Bearer's real-life death wasn't enough to get Punk booed by most. The Texas crowd might wouldn't be too pleased, but I don't think everyone else would really care enough to boo Brock again. Plus, it'd be disappointing if his face run was that short.
  16. Maybe I'm overrating the markness people have for taker, heh
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