An Evolution Reunion: Updated thoughts?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wilby, Mar 4, 2014.

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  1. Evening all,

    So after watching this week's episode of WWE RAW the thoughts of Evolution 2.0 have started to crop up once again for me. At this point we have three former Evolution members (HHH, Batista and Orton) all playing the role of heels like their original run between 2003 and 2005 and the 'Mark' in me kind of hopes for a future reunion of the group, with HHH becoming physical on-screen again I experienced nostalgic feelings of the old Evolution days. I have a feeling we could see Batista and Orton on the same page representing The Authority at WM30 with a CM Punk or D-Bryan addition to make it a triple threat match.

    What are your updated thoughts/opinions on the potential of an official Evolution reunion? Have your thoughts on the topic changed at all in recent weeks?

    Kind regards
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  2. Evolution is a mystery
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  3. I'd say that there won't be another Evolution. For one thing, Batista and Orton are facing each other at WM 30, and the only way to really side them together is to split the belts up and give it to both of them, calling off the match, which would both be insane as well as a heart attack to the fans. I don't expect often Triple H in ring action, just part-timing like usual. If there is a triple threat match however, I could possibly see themselves aligning with each other, but then again, Orton has been insulting Batista lately, which they've noted several times on commentary and elsewhere, leading me to think that there would be no way for them to side.
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  5. everything was perfect in 2003, thanks for reminding me lads
  6. Excluding the Triple H burial Saga.
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  7. looking back, he was still bloody good in 2003.

    orton was starting to show us why he is one of the best wrestlers ever, then they fucked it all up
  8. I didn't start watching till about 2005. I think it would be pretty sweet, because I haven't really seen too much of Evolution, and it seems pretty cool. I think it's pretty unlikely though,
  9. If they hadn't turned Batista heel, I could actually see them having a new Evolution-esque stable, this time with HHH representing the past, Orton representing the present, and somebody (maybe Reigns?) representing the future. This would leave the "enforcer" role open. I would think Batista's too old to fill that spot, but there are a few cats strolling around who could fill it, including a few from NXT. Of course, since Batista's heel, they would almost have to include him in an Evolution 2.0. Hence, why turning him heel suggests to me they won't do anything like it.

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  10. Maybe they could put Mason Ryan as the enforcer :>
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  11. I believe what we witnessed last night was simply Orton and Batista attacking a common enemy.. nothing more, nothing less. There will be nothing coming out of it.
  12. Batista, Orton, Kane, Steph, Trips? Seems okay....
  13. i was thinking this myself while i have, been watching raw over the last few weeks possible Evolution return they it's going who knows.
  14. It already has returned, Randy, HHH, Steph, Kane and sometime The Shield

    Show Spoiler
    The Authority
  15. haha fair point.
  16. Huge issue with this. If they wanted to create some sort of new DX, that's a lot closer. Particularly, since HBK likes to come around and have fun every now and then, and the Outlaws are hanging around.

    But the whole idea behind evolution was that Flair was the Greatest Champion of the Past, HHH was the Greatest Champion of the Present, and Orton was the Greatest Champion of the Future, with Batista being the Enforcer (and to make sure they had 4 guys to invite comparisons to the Four Horsemen). That's why I suggested the lineup I did.

    As for bringing in Mason Ryan to play the "Enforcer" role, he's got the look (I mean just about everybody I knew compared him to Batista when he first came out), but I'd rather see somebody called up from NXT who comes in as basically a blank slate (Batista didn't have much history in WWE when he was made part of Evolution). If I didn't covet the idea of the Ascension coming up as a tag team and dominating the Tag Team Division by the end of 2014, I'd suggest Konor. And having said that, even though he's got a past, the guy I'd use would be Ryback. It would give him direction and something to do.

    I mean: HHH, Orton, Roman Reigns, and Ryback. That would probably be a pretty solid stable.

  17. I think what they are doing is re-creating the Corporation rather than Evolution, HHH = Vinny, Orton = The Rock, HHH as the champ, Kane = Boss Man or Ken Shamrock or any other of Vinny's Goons. Batista could be formerly added which would make him like bossman or Shamrock as well.

  18. That's what they've been building up for a while. I was suggesting a way to create an "Evolution Reunion" in today's product.

    You probably wouldn't do both.

  19. Actually not sure if you saw the ending of RAW, but after RAW went off air, Orton, Batista, Kane & HHH were working together. I got whole video of the ordeal which I will post here soon.
  20. I don't really know what to say about this. That means either Orton or Batista will have to settle for not being the world champion, or can split up the world titles again, but that would be odd. Would be better just to keep it as the Authority, and maybe add someone new under their wing instead.
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