An Idea For John Cena's Retirement.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. I've been thinking of an idea for Cena's last feud/match before he retires. It's a long shot but I think it's a good idea, and I'll list the reasons below.

    The only active title Cena's never won in the Intercontinental Championship. Cena feels that he has to win that title to add the final jigsaw piece to his long career. He has a rivalry with the current IC champion, who is a young up-and-comer, and they have their title match at WrestleMania.

    I believe this would be a good idea because:

    1) It may get Cena a bit more over than usual. He's not in the WWE title picture and fans know that this is his last match.
    2) It would certainly bring a lot more prestige to the Intercontiental Championship and people would start to take it seriously as a title again.
    3) It would be a big push for the champion, who would be a future star, like an Alex Riley, or a Curtis Axel, or a Wade Barrett etc.
    4) If Cena lost, it could be considered a "passing of the torch" to the champion.
    5) It's something different. Something new, something we haven't seen before.

    What do you guys think of this? Good idea, or bad?
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  2. Not a bad idea at all. Raises the prestige of a mid card forgotten title, and gives someone a huge rub.
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  3. Bad idea because Cena losing to an IC champion isn't realistic after his career and who he has beaten.
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  4. Realistic? We're talking about John Cena here, right? The guy that would kick out at two after being shot it the head.
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  5. Meh, I'm a bit on the edge here. It does work because it is the only title he hasn't earned, but I would put more focus on him wanting to become a triple crown champion then anything. A midcard champion could beat him, I would say roll up pin though. That way, it seems like a fair enough win, he gets the rub from Cena, and the title gets great exposure.
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  6. Oh yeah, I completely agree it should be a roll-up win, it wouldn't make sense for them to beat him clean. Either that or someone comes in when the ref's down and beats him up with a chair or something.
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  7. How can he pass the torch with a dirty loss? No, it needs to be clean.
  8. Cena retire? Lol.

    Cena: Now, Then, Forever
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  9. I actually like this idea.

  10. It would then completely ruin the point of giving the young talent a 'rub'. It'd have to be a clean victory and not some dirty victory.
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  11. i'd buy into the feud for sure.
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  12. What you could do is have both men take each other to the limit. They are kicking out of big move,after big move. It finally gets to the point where the other guy hits Cena with his finisher for, lets say, the second time. Cena kicks out, and the other guy can't believe it. He laughs as he watches Cena struggle to his feet. Cena barely stands up, gives him a you can't see me taunt, and the guy hits his finisher and finally gets the win.
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  13. I'd be down for this under the condition that the IC champion was already being booked strongly and the title was getting a fair amount of exposure (I suppose Axel's reign's been like this [don't watch Raw weekly but I figure since he is aligned with Heyman], still could do better though) prior to Cena getting involved. Sure from a pure subjective standpoint, I'd only care about this idea if I like whoever the IC champion is but the idea itself is good.
  14. Cena is a cyborg sent from the future by WWE he won't retire and is programmed to always kick out at 2.
  15. Cena won't retire for a long, long time yet ... And if he was retiring now, he would not face the IC Champion @ Mania in his last match. :dawg: It's a nice idea though.
  16. It's a good idea. I have a hard time seeing it happening but it's pretty good.
  17. I can't see this happening when you have the WWE Title and WHC as main titles, and then you have Taker's streak, which I'm sure is more important than the IC Title. As previously pointed though, not a bad idea, but I can't see it happening.
  18. I would prefer Cena to go into Mania with the title.
  19. I like the idea, finding a good successor though is going to be pretty tough. I believe Cena has done an amazing job being the face of the company in many aspects.
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    John Cena isn't hanging up his boots anytime soon. And when he does, guys like Wade Barrett, Alex Riley and Curtis Axel will no longer be seen as "the superstars of the future" anyway. Cena should retire at Wrestlemania, but it certainly won't be in an Intercontinental Title match.

    I do like the idea of Cena winning/competing for the belt though, and putting someone over in the process. There are ways to work it without centering it around a retirement angle, though. A couple ideas:

    1.) Maybe Cena is told by Brad Maddox or whoever is the bastard GM by this time that if he loses the WWE Title (or fails to regain it) in an upcoming match, he will no longer be able to compete for the WWE Title (or the World Heavyweight Championship) ever again. Remember the stipulation of the Austin/Undertaker First Blood match at Fully Loaded 1999 that said if Austin lost, he could no longer wrestle for the WWF Championship again? Same thing. Cena loses, and then he can wrestle and feud for the Intercontinental Title for a couple of months or so before finding a loophole back into the main event (ironic thing is that Austin was supposed to do this with IC Champion Jeff Jarrett back in the day as well, but he didn't want to work with him.)

    2.) While Cena is WWE Champion, maybe he has a side feud going on with the IC Champ. Remember when Christian was knocking Cena back in 2005 after Cena won the WWE Title for the first time? Christian was on Raw, Cena was on Smackdown, but they were still teasing an eventual feud between them by having Christian take open shots at Cena. They could have someone do a similar role now, a mid carder who happens to be the Intercontinental Champion who starts knocking Cena until eventually Cena confronts him and puts him down (in a segment, not a match.) Maybe he starts knocking Cena by just pointing out to people that he's a better IC Champ than Cena is a WWE Champ, I dunno. Come the title match at the PPV, the IC Champ can cost Cena his world title against someone for revenge, and as a result, Cena drops down into the mid card for however long to feud over the IC Title. He says he's never been IC Champion and since this guy felt the need to cost him the world title, he'll now return the favor by taking HIS title, the Intercontinental Title, and putting it around his waist.
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