An idea for the title scenes in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Jul 18, 2014.

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  1. Now after Sunday, we all should know the direction the WWE WH title scene is going, straight to part time city. Which means Lesnar is probably winning the title again. So if they want to keep Lesnar as champion going into next WrestleMania and set up for Lesnar vs Reigns for the title at WM 31, which should happen, here's what WWE should do. Take a page out of UFC's book and set up an interim champion. As a matter of fact, they should do it with every title they have. If a current champion is injured, asks for time off, or is a part timer, you get an interim champion, then after a while, the real champion comes back and sets up a match for the undisputed holder of that title. This could have worked great for when AJ took two months off and then Paige was champion. This could also work now for the IC title as Bad News Barrett is currently on the sidelines with another shoulder injury. I mean really, what could possibly be bad about an idea like this? For one thing, you set up a one match title feud between the actual champion and the interim titleholder to decide an undisputed champion, and two, it just makes titles as a whole more interesting. I'm not sure about you guys, but I think WWE should try something like this out.
  2. How would you decide the interim champion? I'm not being a d***, here, I really want to be clear on your premise.
  3. You could either do a battle royal or a tournament
  4. That's quite a few tourney's but rules are rules, besides its Bryan and Barrett's fault they're tender.
    This very idea may have been used back in '94 between HBK and Razor.
    I don't remember the specific details, but I suppose it worked out okay.
    It's difficult to imagine them creating an 'interim' belt and to constantly remind viewers that this is the 'interim' champion.
    The timetable for a wrestler's return can never be accurately pin pointed, as evident by HHH's return in 2002 (far too early).
    Giving the title back to a cat fresh off a injury can be ill-advised if they still aren't 100% (see Triple H and Edge)

    I personally love watching competition, so if it makes things more competitive I'd be interested in seeing this play out.
  5. As a wrestling fan, I'm not high on this idea, but it could be great for incoming fans. One of the biggest issues with wrestling fans coming in is that the way they do things just doesn't make sense a lot of the time so it could be a good thing. Besides, who's gonna bitch about more tournaments? Those are always fantastic.
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  6. With the way you describe it, the idea of an interim champion sounds incredibly pointless. What's the point if it just ends up setting up a match between the "real" champion and the interim one later on? Why not just strip the champion (due to injury or whatever), crown a new one, and then book a match between the current champion and the returning ex-champion as part of a normal title defense just as they already do? It would be the same either way.

    I'm also skeptical that we're getting Reigns vs Lesnar at next year's Wrestlemania. Most likely it'll be Reigns vs Cena. They're already starting to plant the seeds for it and they consider Reigns the best choice to be the heir to Cena's throne, and next year's Wrestlemania just happens to be the ten year anniversary since Cena became "The Man" in WWE. If The Rock manages to find time in his schedule to wrestle next year, then it's almost a given that The Rock vs Brock will happen.
  7. What I think could happen - in a similar way to an interim champions - is Lesnar wins the title at SummerSlam, as expected. He retains it at NoC in Cena's rematch. Then, Heyman says that clearly no one can beat Lesnar after he has broken the Streak and beaten Cena twice, so he should leave WWE. Therefore, on the advice of Heyman, Lesnar 'gives' Cesaro the title to defend for him until he wants to return for the WrestleMania match against Reigns.
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  8. That would be cool, I'd like to see that. But you're forgetting one man who's supposed to hold the WWE-WHC once again (in the mean time)... Daniel Bryan. Where does that leave him? With the injury and all...
  9. I would think this would be a good setup for Brock vs Cesaro at Wrestlemania more than anything. Assuming Hunter would even be cool with Brock just handing the championship over to Cesaro (as opposed to one of "his guys", Orton or Rollins), would Cesaro be fine with just handing the title back over to Lesnar at a later date? After having spent several months defending the championship successfully? His refusal to just hand it over could lead to Lesnar (and Heyman) turning on Cesaro and costing him the title, setting up a program between them for 'Mania.
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  10. I figured you'd be the one to mention next year being Cena's 10 year anniversary.
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