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  1. I really liked this idea while discussing the Cena Heel turn in the other thread, and I thought it deserves its own thread...

    Now, what about if Triple H turn Heel?

    Just think of it, he wants to completely control the company and he is sick of Vinnie Mac's policies and how he runs the show ...

    He thinks he can be a lot better leader and chairman than Vince...

    Somehow , its revealed that HHH was the man behind the shield attacks all along, he creates a larger stable, an army of superstars to take control of the WWE.

    The Shield would be just the beginning , as Ohno , Cesaro, Punk, Barrett, Wyatt and Mark Henry along with Paige also join him.

    The WWE splits in 2, Vince McMahon face superstars led by John Cena & HHH heel superstars led by CM Punk.

    The angle would go on up until WM30 , when they decide that everything will be decided in the ring with some kind of a tag team match or something..

    Then the Big Shock happens on the grandest stage of them all, as John Cena turns on his team and gives the victory to HHH.

    If this thing actually happens ....:yes::yes::yes::yes:
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  2. Very similar to the invasion angle, with Cena substituting for SCSA
  3. Wow that's actually pretty damn good angle, but I'm not sure I have faith in WWE anymore to create such angles. However I think that would require Triple H to get in the ring more and it would also require Vince to return with the win, because in the end the good guy has to come on top eventually. Then there's also the part where Triple H would have to lose his power eventually if he were heel, which wouldn't correlate well since he'll actually still be in charge.
  4. Who'd be the face though? The only option currently would be Ryback.
  5. H can win the feud, the good guy doesn't always win.

    It will be a way to transport the power from Vince to H, Plus I read somewhere that H is desperate to have a heel turn.
  6. Exactly.
  7. Ryback battling the group before winning at WM 31 against Cena for the strap causing the group to explode could work
  8. I did a similar angle on my fantasy booking games, I had HHH leading a corporate stable with Punk as the champ and Lesnar as the muscle. He then started a feud with Vince which leaded to a 5 on 5 at Survivor Series for dominance, but then Vince turned on Cena (who was on his team), gladly gave HHH control and retired. But since Vince won't retire your idea is more realistic, and I guess it'd end up being better too as it lasts longer.
  9. I like the idea but I am not sold on the stable, you seem to put too many eggs in the proverbial basket.
  10. The idea of Triple H being behind The Shield is a pretty good idea, but I don't care for invasion angles, nor with this one going all the way up to WM30.
  11. They are all good wrestlers who were underrated at some point of their careers , so they are sick of Vince and they want change.:obama:
  12. I don't think you can class half of them as underrated. You also hollow out the future main event scene. You should instead put more mid and lower carders in as well so you help build a more solid show over all.
  13. You got a point there about the mid and low carders, maybe Sandow & Cody from the mid card , Kidd , Ted and Drew from the low card..
  14. Also you've put too many wrestlers on the heel team, while not putting any real focus on the face side, meaning that it becomes pretty clear which side will win. There needs to be an equal amount of talent and star power on team Vince for this scenario to work well. Also team Vince will win, bad guys almost never win in wrestling.
  15. Face Team: John Cena , Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Kane, Sheamus, Kofi, Miz, Truth, Tyson Kidd, & AJ.

    Heel Team: CM Punk, Big E , The Shield, Wade Barrett, Cesaro, Ohno. Henry, Sandow, Cody , Ted Dibi junior, Drew and Paige.
  16. And in my booking , the heel team will win....:smug:
  17. Paige vs. AJ would be godly! :yay:

    That is... if she still knows how to wrestle. :willis:
  18. I would literally cum in my pants.
  19. My only draw back of thus idea us the length. It seems extremely long, and involves a large amount of draw power, which means that if it loses fuel it could bottom out and leave the product crippled because it would have to involve the biggest names in the company, including what part would the likes of Orton, or those fan favorite heel type guys play? Seeing how he had already been attacked by the shield, would you honestly say he'd be on Cena's side without everyone wanting him to RKO everybody on that side? And you can't just leave him or another big name out of it.

    And like someone else already said, the heel side is incredibly over powering. You'd also have to add Dolph, most likely to AJ's side, which i guess would explain why her and big e split on each other.

    But overall it's a good idea. Wwe currently doesn't like good ideas though.

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  20. invasion angle all the way, I mean, i do like the idea, but it wold be too predictable since a lot of the fans would remember scsa turning on wwe team and would be waiting for cena to do the same.

    if it´s done i can hear it already on one side a lot of people saying "omg what a great idea..... im so excited" on the other side "what a bunch of crap, they´re just recycling ideas and doing the same"

    it would make it more entertaining tho, these would be my picks for the teams:

    Team WWE: Cena, Sheamus, Ryback, Orton (he wants to be a heel but the writers wont let him ) and ADR (they would do this to make his face turn credible and strong)

    Team HHH; Punk, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Ziggler and Big E.


    and team hhh would win (thanks to the oh so waited cena´s heel turn), they have demoted vince before and put him back in charge wihotut giving an explanation (when scsa was the CEO), they could do it again.
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