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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Danielson, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Nominating Posts

    You may nominate a post to appear in the forum’s Posts of the Day (POTD). Forum moderators will review the nominations and choose which ones to feature for post of the day.
  2. I'd prefer post of the week, post of the day would make it seem rushed.
  3. ummm when you see a post you like nominate it.... whoever wins the post of the day gets it put somewhere. It's a pretty easy algorithm, and wouldn't take manpower
  4. But what would happen in case of a tie?
  5. Then they are tied and both get post of the day.
  6. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: when did I say there was 2 posts tied? Logically if there was 40 posts with the same votes, then what?
  7. lol explain further next time, so I don't have to assume what you mean. I think that's highly unlikely but a post of the week or month would be just as cool.
  8. Well when I said tied, I didn't mention any numbers. Plus you'd have to figure, would it be 1 nomination per member or 1 per post?

    The reason I said a day sounds rushed is because if there is a tie between a few posts, you'd have to make a topic to pick it (like MOTM) but everyday.
  9. I don't know how many posts would tie. I think it's fair to assume 40 posts tying is exaggerated. I think it would work fine, unless people were voting for shitty posts. I guess it's up to the members to make it great.
  10. Well we have more than 40 members, so if we all got one vote each. It could happen :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Wtf is a bo dallas would win multiple times over, I'm not against it but where would it go on the site?
  12. [video=youtube][/video]


    :pipebomb: !
  13. Can't watch, I'm currently impersonating an employee.
  14. Straight up your candy ass ^

    I'm not sure. There is no plugin like this around so I'd need to request and pay for a custom one and I'm just not sure this is useful enough.
  15. Oh well, maybe i'll come up with a good idea one day. :sad:
  16. I like this idea but instead of post of the day I think it should be post of the week and every user can only nominate one post, I think it's a better idea. Maybe instead of making a userbar or something like that we could only have an award
  17. and we want wweforum candy bars too. Snap snap
  18. That could be a shop item and they could give us the money to buy it, but they'll have to send us the bar for us to can eat it.
  19. A forum owned by Xanth selling candy?
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