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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. How about: Taker will keep his streak when HBK screws over HHH.
    Then, HHH will take his revenge on HBK with segments on Raw.
    No talking segments, but beating up segments. After weeks and weeks of attacking eachother, there will be a match announced at a PPV. A classic street fight.
    Shawn Michaels will return for this big match. Don't know what PPV it will be, but it will happen somehow.

    How about that?

    I allways loved HHH/HBK feuds.
  2. No. Undertaker should win cleanly. What does a dirty win do for Undertaker's streak?
  3. No cause HHH needs to retire off my tv screen!
  4. Shawn should stay retired imo.
  5. HBK being in the match makes me more interested to be honest. It adds something different, but him screwing HHH is so predictable and helps no one. HHH and him need to retire in the ring. Or HBK could return and put over Ziggler in ONE HELL OF A MATCH.
  6. Also a good one. I just watched Bad Blood 2004 lol.
    Could be cool if HBK put over Ziggler, yeah.
  7. Interesting idea, but I don't think HBK would cheat to help Taker win. I can see HHH trying to cheat and HBK preventing it (taking away the sledgehammer, that sort of thing) and that prevention (which is not cheating because it's within his purview as the official) leading directly to an Undertaker victory.

    That could lead to HHH blaming HBK for his loss and THAT would lead to the feud between the two.

  8. Still wouldn't be "clean" as such, that would do my head in.
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