An incredible state about HBK and the PWI match of the year!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. An interesting state that I thought deserves its own thread:

    For the last 7 years of HBK's career (2004-2010), the PWI match of the year was:

    2004: WrestleMania XX: HHH VS HBK VS Chris Beniot
    2005: WrestleMania 21: HBK VS Kurt Angle
    2006: WrestleMania 22: HBK VS Vince Mcmahon
    2007: RAW April 3rd: John Cena VS HBK
    2008: WrestleMaina 24: Ric Flair VS HBK
    2009: WestleMania XXV: Undertaker VS HBK
    2010: WestleMania 26: Undertaker VS HBK

    He was in every single one of them, and the interesting thing is ...none of them were a WWE title match :shock:

    He also won the Match of the year award 4 streak years (1993-1996)..

    So he won the PWI match of the year 11 times in his career :shock:

    The guy is an absolute Legend....
  2. Yeah, I had noticed that some time ago. Indeed a great performer.
  3. Don't remember every match of 06, but was it really the match of the year if Vince was involved?
  4. Yes.
  5. HBK/Vince winning match of the year for 2006 is a joke.
  6. Half of these are jokes
  7. I take it these were WWE only?
  8. Re: RE: An incredible state about HBK and the PWI match of the year!

    Must be, Punk vs Joe, Danielson vs McGuiness and the unbreakable triple threat should have been in there if not even Kobiashi vs Joe
  9. Isn't PWI's awards almost always kayfabe based?
  10. I'm guessing either "End Of An Era" or Punk/Bryan at Over The Limit win MOTY for 2012.
  11. Yes.
  12. I kinda want Cena/Brock to get it to be honest.
  13. Re: RE: An incredible state about HBK and the PWI match of the year!

    Brad Maddox vs Brodus Clay easily.
  14. Nah, Cena/Cole >>> than that. ***1/2 at best.
  15. Oh you're sneaky :isee:
  16. HBK is the motherfucking GOAT, that's why.

    Nothing kayfabe about that shit.
  17. lol The filter edits the word shit but not motherfucking?
  18. #Craylluminati
  19. If this is kayfabe based I bet they would pick Rock vs John Cena. I'm seriously bothered that HBK vs Vince was MOTY. The roster wasn't booming with extraordinary young talent like it is now, but I'm sure there were some better matches that year.

    Some1 say #Crayluminati [​IMG]
  20. I'll just quickly share my quick thoughts on all those matches . . .

    Vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit ~ Really good match and a great finish however I wouldn't call it the best of the year (and I see very little of that year). Personally I preferred their re-match at Backlash to their Mania.

    Vs. Kurt Angle ~ My third favorite match, even though I've seen very little of this year, I have little problem saying this is the best of the year.

    Vs. Vince McMahon ~ One of the hardest matches to finish ever. I almost stopped it and moved on to the next match at 22 like three times during this absolute snorefest. It had one good spot, but that doesn't even make it a below average bout. It was absolutely terrible, it's damn near unfathomable to me that people actually like this match let alone call it the best of the year.

    Vs. Cena ~ Yep, I'd probably agree here. A few other matches that stand out but this one was awesome and one of Cena's best match, if not his best. It's also my second favorite match in Raw history.

    Vs. Flair ~ Nope, not even the best on the card. Not even the best Flair/Shawn match. Not even that good of a match. Then again, you can probably chalk that up to me never really being a fan of Flair.

    Vs. Undertaker ~ This was an average match. I thought higher of it when I first saw it but during my second viewing I realized it was because it was surrounded by garbage. Not match of the year, but I can't really think of what would be, not perfect with years.

    Vs. Undertaker ~ Better than last years, possibly match of the year. Depends on if this was the year with Bryan vs. Ziggler at Bragging Rights.
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